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Plastic baggie

in Forensic Techniques
by Joe Ortega • | | 5 comments
how is the best way to lift a latent print off a plastic baggie?

Crime Scene, Trauma & Accident Technicians

in Resources
by BioCleanse • | | 0 comments
Have you ever wondered who cleans the mess created after an Accident or Crime??? Well you need trained professionals to do that Job.. If at all you encounter such situation then where do you go? No worries, Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd, are Trauma Clean, Accident & Crime Scene Cleaning more

psych major options

in Careers
by Jess Tegelman • | | 1 comment
i have heard that it is tough to find a job now with a criminal justice major so i decided to get a psych major and pair it with a death investigation certificate. i took a chem course as but nothing close to what a major of science would require. I just need some answers on what this major and more

Fingerprint Technician Interview Tips

in Careers
by Gary • | | 0 comments
Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could lend a helping hand here. I am due for an exam and pre interview for the position of Fingerprint Technician and was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on how to perform well at the interview? I have already been studying for the exam but more

What can I do?

in Careers
by raybay92 • | | 1 comment
I am currently studying for my Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. In December I will have completed 2 years of my 4 year degree. I was wondering if there was anything I could do in the meantime to get my foot in the door as a criminal investigator. I currently live in Michigan but I would more

Blood Spatter Angle Calculator

in Equipment and Supplies
by Scott Voit • | | 0 comments
My new App has just been released! The Blood Spatter Angle Calculator. If you have received any training in reading blood spatter, you will know that there is a formula that can determine the angle at which a drop of blood has impacted a surface. The BSAC simply does all of the math for more

for searching job

in Careers
by kalyan kulkarni • | | 1 comment
I m have complited pg deploma in forensic science from india and also belongs to india i want to do job in forensic field any where in the world so please help me for searching job in this field please suggest me all information about process and place where job available, i have also completed more

Help with becoming a CSI

in Careers
by Katy • | | 2 comments
Hello, I have a criminology degree and I want to know what I need to do in order to be a Crime Scene Investigator. Do I need to get a certification? A lot of people say I need a hard science, but I do not want to analyse it... just collect it and maybe get a certification. There is an online more
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