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who can determine speed of car by video

in Research
by carl • | | 0 comments
Who would be able to determine the speed of a car on video. Please e-mail me


in Careers
by Joe • | | 1 comment
I have a couple of questions regarding background investigations. First, about how long does a standard one take to complete? I'm about 3 months in to mine and there seems to be no end in sight. Second, how far back do they normally go? or how far back do they need to go? I'm in one that more


in Careers
by Avnish Verma • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am from the UK wanting to seriously get into CSI under the forensic branch, I am currently in my freshman year at University in Forensic Biology, are there any opportunities to work in CSI as a international citizen, I am happy to live and work in the USA? Thanks.

Master Degree

in Education
by Laura • | | 2 comments
hey,I'm currently studying forensic science (bachelors degree) at university and contemplating weather to further my studies and do a masters degree in forensic science. Do you think this will benefit me or help widen my prospect job opportunities?

Written Exam for Forensic Services Technician

in Careers
by colormejade • | | 4 comments
My application for a Forensic Services Technician position was accepted, and I am now required to take a written exam in order to move forward in the hiring process. I would like to know what exactly is on the written exam? Does it mainly have to do with spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc? Is more

Forensic Science Courses

in Education
by C • | | 1 comment
Hello, I'm an UK student, that want's to pursue a career in forensics. I hope to possibly work Abroad in the foreseeable future,somewhere like the USA. I understand that the forensics pathway is hard job/career to get into due to the rising competition and applicants. I have looked at more

Need advice to work in a forensics lab

in Careers
by shawn6022 • | | 3 comments
Hey everyone, I'm new to the sie and I'm looking for some advice. I recently graduated with a master of science degree in biology and I have a bachelor of science degree in biology. I'm wanting to work in a forensic lab but I'm not sure if these requirements fit or not.. is there any kind more

Do crime scene investigators carry a gun

in Careers
by Daniel J H • | | 2 comments
I took a ROP class for forensics and he took us shooting so I was wondering if crime scene investigators carry a gun? Also do they wear a bulletproof vest?

Touch DNA recovery/stabilization swab patent

in Research
by Vincent I. Perez • | | 0 comments
I recently was awarded a patent for my Touch DNA recovery and stabilization swab, which gathers Touch DNA using a SIM buffer solution to preserve and protect the DNA on the swab. I am seeking a purchaser for the patent rights. The gathered DNA can be stored at room temperature without more

Crime Scene Investigation Degree for Former Police Officer?

in Education
by DPayne1970 • | | 2 comments
Im Currently 32 but when I was 28 I went through the Police Academy, received my Academy POST certificate, got a job a Sheriffs Office as Deputy, worked through my first year and received my 1 Year POST Certificate. At that point I didnt feel the job was right for me. It was close to what I more
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