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driver's license for another state

in Careers
by Reggie • | | 2 comments
in looking at the job listings, I usually see the requirement for "must have a valid *state name* driver's license. since all these jobs are in other states, will they assume that you'll get it after you accept the job? I mean, how can you have it if you don't live there already, and have more

Seeking advice from crime scene investigators

in Careers
by Tasha R • | | 0 comments
I am just beginning my Master's in Forensic Science; recently a CSI position opened up locally and I am intrigued. I never thought I would have the stomach for field work (I was intending to seek a crime lab tech job). I was a vet tech for 18 years so have seen quite a few necropsies but I more

Need Advice, will be graduating with a masters in forensics 2015

in Careers
by julianna • | | 1 comment
After i graduate should i be looking to become certified in a specific area of CSI? or should i look into entry level CSI positions? Im confused as to what happens next...


in Careers
by Sarah • | | 1 comment
I have a BSc and Masters Degree in Forensic science and would like to find out how I can get work in the US

crime scene management

in Research
by julia • | | 1 comment
what are the legal aspect in a scene of crime

New App! Crime Scene Photo ID Card

in Resources
by Scott Voit • | | 0 comments
My 3rd App is now available! Instead of using those expensive paper cards that you normally use once and throw away, now you can have it right on your iPhone or Ipad. The Crime Scene Photo ID Card is now on the App Store. Use it the same as you would the paper version. Just enter your case more


in Education
by Elisa • | | 0 comments
Hi everyone, did you know universities that give scholarships to foreigh students?

Buy Crime Investigation Products

in Research
by Joe • | | 1 comment
Hi, I am researching crime investigation and forensics for a project in school. What brands do the investigators buy? I noticed there aren't a lot, and they are very similar one to the other. Is there really a difference?


in Careers
by Lori Gabriel • | | 5 comments
Wht r the requirements to become a crime scene investigator? I only have a High School Diploma. Wht are the some jobs if any in tht field tht only require tht?
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