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Wat will I need?

in Education
by Melisa • | | 1 comment
Will I technically need a bachelors degree? What other things can I have to be a csi?

Regarding employment opportunites

in Careers
by Maria Bouzis • | | 5 comments
Hi guys, I have my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Crime Scene Investigation. MAJOR PROBLEM, I can't get hired on because I have no experience in that field. How can you get experience if no employer offers it or gives you a chance. I can't seem to find any on the job more

Crime Scene tech employment opportunities!! Hands-on Training???

in Careers
by sandra • | | 2 comments
Hi everyone, I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice through the CSU system (class of 2013) and I am hoping to be hired on as a crime scene tech. However, I've noticed these positions require the applicant to already know how to lift prints, collect evidence, & photograph crime more

questions from a murder-mystery author

in Research
by Joel Derfner • | | 1 comment
I'm writing a murder mystery set in ancient Greece--I'm having a great time, but there are some details I need to know about one of the crime scenes that I can't figure out from reading stuff online. Would this be an appropriate place to ask about them? If not, does anybody have suggestions more

video interview

in Research
by Michael Ferejohn • | | 0 comments
Hello. I am currently working on a video project where we conducting short interviews with people who use science in their careers. This is an educational piece to help students understand options available to them when they study science. The video interviews will require very little time more

Coming from the UK

in Careers
by Ryan • | | 2 comments
Hello all, I am a penultimate year undergraduate from the University of Cambridge, UK, and will have completed a Bachelors and Masters in Chemistry once I graduate in 2015. I have pretty much settled upon a career in forensic science however the opportunities on this side of the pond are few more

Photographing protocols - morgue

in Forensic Techniques
by Sophie • | | 2 comments
Hello! I am doing a some studying and have a couple of questions if anyone has time to answer them! As I don't know protocols for photographing people when they enter the morgue before a post-mortem is carried out will the photographs of them (and their wounds if they have any) be more

Crime Scene Investigation Tech-As A Business

in Careers
by Bridgett • | | 3 comments
Hi I am a former police officer, I left the department to pursue my dream of being a business owner. I started a drug testing company for urine, blood, hair analysis, and breath alcohol testing but always wanted to get into CSI work. I do not want to work as an employee for an agency, but more
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