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Masters degree?

in Education
by Belinda • | | 1 comment
I will be graduating with a degree in Biotechnology and my dream job is to become a criminalist. I am interested in getting a Master's but I am not quite sure I would like to pursue an M.S. in Forensics. May I pursue an M.S. in Toxicology, which I am very interested in, or what other science do more

qualifications and payrate

in Careers
by diany • | | 0 comments
hi I got a BA in Criminal Investigation and a MA in Public administration and Forensic Sciences, the only experience that I have is the one that I did o the police headquarters as requirement of my university. I participate in all the areas of the Criminal Investigation site but do not include more

Looking for a CSI help for Dutch television show

in Research
by BNN Television Netwo... • | | 1 comment
Dear Sir/Madam, On behalf of the Dutch Television show Proefkonijnen (Labrats) I am trying to get in contact with Crime scene investigators in Oklahoma or Los Angeles. The reason for this is the following; In our tv-show, what can be described as a popular scientific tv-show similar more


in Careers
by Edith • | | 1 comment
Good day I just want to know this is a dream job I want to do But a lot of people say that this is not a job. But I love it I want to do it some day So my question is what does it take to do crime scene investigation?

Crime Scene-Related Field Before Graduation?

in Careers
by Tina Marie • | | 3 comments
Does anyone know agencies in the Central Florida area that will hire forensic science majors before graduation? I'm not expecting an investigator job, but I would like to start working in a field closer to where I'm wanting to be. I'm a little over half way done with my degree. I'm newly more

I have a couple of questions

in Research
by Daniel J H • | | 3 comments
First question is do crime scene investigators work at the coroner or police station? Second question is there a ride along program for csi like police agencies have? Thank you for your help this is my dream career that has turned my life around!


in Careers
by Amanda V • | | 0 comments
Has anyone volunteered with the NCIS? I'm interested in your experience with that since it's only for a certain amount of time to actually intern with them. Also, has anyone volunteered with a police department? How did you go about getting that started? What was your experience like?
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