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about hit and run accident

in Research
by gil • | | 3 comments
Been applied to a hit-and-run accident on the body show the license plate of the vehicle or patterns, etc. Creating a pattern shown on the body are you able to see more clearly and is it possible to clearly determine the vehicle? If possible, I'd like to know if it is in some way whether it is more


in Careers
by rambo15 • | | 1 comment
I noticed that alot of job postings want you to have some experience with volunteering or some training in fingerprinting and lab. Does anyone know how you get some experience for entry level?


in Careers
by Mohammad Al Hiary • | | 0 comments
Hello, I want to know their is a csi in sweden? And how to be one. Regards Mohammad.


in Careers
by Robert • | | 2 comments
Hi so I wanted to know if you want to be a criminal investigator or crime scene investigator do you have to be a cop first or no? Im from LA

Interview a Crime Scene Investigator

in Research
by Beth S. • | | 1 comment
My name is Beth Sutinis and I'm a children's book author and editor working on a nonfiction book for kids as part of a series called Scientists in Action. I am hoping to talk to a crime scene/law enforcement professional about a real-life case as part of the book I'm writing. Our aim is to more

Career in CSI

in Careers
by Samtx • | | 2 comments
Hi I'm just looking for some advice on starting a career in crime scene investigation. I am living in Ireland and my wife and I plan to move to Seattle. I have a degree in biology, chemistry and biotechnology and a diploma in crime scene investigation. They don't really have any CSI degrees in more

Blueprint Camp a Forensic Science CSI Youth Program

in Miscellaneous
by lburton • | | 0 comments
Blueprint Camp, LLC is a newly CSI day camp youth program located in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer real-life crime scene investigation hands-on-training to individuals that want to become specialized in Crime Scene Investigations. The camp is a weekly camp during the summer time from more

Have questions?

in Careers
by Mike • | | 6 comments
Hi my name Mike, I need to know a couple things, my first question is I graduated college in 2013 and I have a associates in applied Science in Photography, I want to be a Forensic Photographer with my local police department in Milwaukee will this degree be enough to get job? If not can I more

forensic investigator pro bono in Ct

in Research
by Terri • | | 0 comments
Looking for a forensic investigator that could help with our case. Our granddaughter was found dead and police say it was a suicide but we know it was not. We were told we can not pay an expert to prove it was a murder. We are looking for an experienced forensic expert perhaps one that is more

Color blind

in Careers
by Trey Johnson • | | 1 comment
Hi! My name is Trey and I have a slight problem differentiating reds and greens in my vision. I am interested in becoming a CSI and need to know if my color blindness is going to keep me from getting a job in the field. Thanks!

from afghanistan

in Research
by sohel • | | 0 comments
Hello sir i am student of Law and political since in Afghanistan we have some books like crimenalistice,criminology and either now i need some free books on pashto translation from UPOIL in Afghanistan if you have some information plz send my email to them i would be thank you full more
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