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Interview with a Forensic Scientist

in Research
by Joe • | | 0 comments
I am a seventh grade student doing a project on a future career magazine. One thing that will greatly improve my magazine is an interview with an expert on my career. The career that I have chosen is a forensic scientist. Thank you for your time Which university and degree did you more

School project

in Research
by Sterling • | | 1 comment
Hi I'm sterling im doing a 7th school project and we had to pick a career. I decided to choose this. One part of the project is we have to interview a person who does this job. I'd like to ask you a few questions. Questions: Exactly what tasks might I do in the job? Would I travel?where and how more

How to obtain employment without experience.

in Careers
by Minga Rodriguez • | | 1 comment
I have a biology degree and a master's in forensic science. I want to go into the field of crime scene investigation. I have had been trying/applying for jobs all over the country and have NOT landed a job because I have no experience. What am I to do? It is very discouraging because I studied more

handwriting and questioned documents

in Education
by HERNAN ORTIZ • | | 1 comment
Hello Everyone, I am a researcher of Bogota Colombia, me interested in doing an online course or distance, in Cuestioned documents and handwriting where I can make. I also interested in a course of investigation of traffic accidents, this course if I would like to take in person, where I more


in Miscellaneous
by Jeremy Miller • | | 1 comment
Hello Everybody, The MS Division of the International Association of Identification (MDIAI) is having a training conference in Biloxi, MS this year. It will be held April 14-16, 2015. It will focus on Cold Case Investigation. Law Enforcement and Full-time Students are welcome. Fees do apply. more

info plz

in Careers
by crystal • | | 1 comment
I am interested in criminal justice forensic specifically crime scene technician or investigator. I know that you can not have any kind of criminal history or drug use. But I have been arrested before maybe like two or three times but the charges were dropped against me.. i was in a bad more

How to gain experience

in Careers
by Carly • | | 2 comments
I'm currently majoring in Forensic Science-CSI at the University of Nebraska and will obtain a Bachelor's degree in a little over a year. I noticed that many jobs for CSIs require a Master's degree or multiple years of experience to even be considered. Is there anything I can do to gain more

Where to start?

in Careers
by CheyenneR • | | 2 comments
I believe I am interested in becoming a crime scene investigator. I am having a hard time figuring out the best route of education for this career. I have seen it range from a certificate to a doctorate. Then from there I have seen that I should get a degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic more


in Education
by Kyle • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am recently working on my bs degree in crime scene investigation and I am half way through I was just wondering does anyone know any places I can get into to get some experience? I live in Indiana and I have not found anything near by?

CSI Hiring Board

in Careers
by M • | | 2 comments
I have applied to two CSI positions and been granted interviews both times, however in each case I was not selected as the best candidate. I believe that this is in part due to my board performance. I did not do horrible, but I feel that there is room for improvement. Each board asked me more
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