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CSI Education for foreign students

in Education
by YuryPiatrenka • | | 0 comments
Hello, I'm very interested in CSI profession, especially in criminal psychology and behaviour analysis. Next year I will get BA degree in International Law in Lithuanian University. But I have Belarussian citizenship. Can someone help me to get information about programs and grants for foreign more

How to be a CSI

in Careers
by Vanyarisa • | | 1 comment
Hello I'm from Asia. I want to be a Forensic science in USA, but my citizenship isn't american. Is that possible if i want to be a forensic in USA? :/

BS or MS, that is the question.

in Education
by HRS • | | 2 comments
I have a BS in Criminal Justice with a Forensics Focus and a Minor in Chemistry. I want to apply for an MS in Forensic Toxicology but am told that I would never get a job with a BS in Criminal Justice, even with the MS. Thus they wont admit me to the program. I think this sounds more

My friend supposedly killed herself.. This is the suicide note..Is this typical..

in Research
by STEPHANIE • | | 7 comments
Dear Maria, If I die, my friend Rob didn't do it. love jamie
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