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Hope you'll find this of interest

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by Robert Green - unive... • | | 2 comments Hope it's ok to post this from our university pages. I post most days to this and hope you'll find some of the articles of interest and of use. Worth a look back over the older materials also. Thanks and best wishes

How to get into the field of Crime Scene Investigation

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by Maria • | | 3 comments
Hello everyone, I have a BS and a MS in Criminal Justice as well as an AS in Biomedical Photography. Yet, with all of those degrees I am still having a hard time getting into the field of Crime Scene Investigation. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should go about doing this to try to more

Research for a Novel

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by JF • | | 0 comments
I am researching a novel and need to learn what investing a crime scene was like in 1972. I have a dead body found in the woods. Who would have been called in when the body was found? Just the ME? The police? Who else? What procedures were in place? Was yellow tape used to block off the area? more

what I need

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by hafsa mufti • | | 2 comments
Hi, I'm a student in college right now, and a teacher recent;y, well, a while ago, gave a test to see which career would suit us best. I took the test and this career came up, I highly agree because a lot of this interests me, I play a lot of crime investigation games, but I know that no game more

UK Student seeking work in US

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by Natalie • | | 2 comments
Hi. I am currently studying a Bachelors degree in Forensic and Investigative Science and I am planning on completing a Masters degree in Forensic Anthropology. Once I have completed my studies what would I need to do to be eligible to get a job in Forensics in the US?

Crime Scene Investigator

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by misskrissiee • | | 3 comments
Hello, my name is Kristen & I am setting towards being a crime scene investigator. I was wondering what kind of degrees I would need, if any. I really don't want to work in the lab if I don't have to. I am about to take an online course which if you complete it, you get an online more

How do beginning Crime Scene Investigators handle the smell?

in Research
by Daniel • | | 3 comments
I am just curious how do detectives deal with the smell in the beginning? Do people use that Vicks medicine(I forgot what it was called but mom said that would help)? Thank you
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