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Florida/Orange County CSI

in Research
by Tina • | | 4 comments
I've been trying to find a local crime scene investigator or someone who works closely with one and have had no luck. I have completed 117 credits towards my BS in forensic science. I'm trying to get into the field before graduation and would love to have contact with someone to get more more

Forensic Science & Criminology free journal submission

in Resources
by AnnexPublishers • | | 0 comments
Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology (JFSC) is an open access, significant and reliable source of contemporary knowledge on advancements in the field of forensic science. JFSC publishes peer reviewed research articles, critical reviews and short communications focused on forensic more

Administrative Careers with Forensics

in Careers
by StacyC • | | 0 comments
Hello! My name is Stacy. I have a question in regards to the job postings on this site. I have noticed a wide variety of postings from Specialties to Field work however, I haven't noticed any positions in regards to operations, more specifically, Administrative rolls for C-suite staff and more

Career choice

in Careers
by June Wilds • | | 2 comments
Hello, my name is June Wilds, and I have a question. So I am a sophmore in college, studying biological sciences , and I'm at the point where I'm trying to figure out what I want to do career wise. I do know I want to be around crime scenes, and I've pondered whether I want to be a forensic more

Reflective Ultraviolet Photography with Digital Cameras

in Forensic Techniques
by J. CRESS • | | 1 comment
We recently had a case of child abuse and I was sent to photograph the victim. Victim had no visible signs of bruising, but reliable witnesses state that victim had been beat. I have been researching that reflective Ultraviolet filters with FILM cameras can show deep bruising that regular more


in Education
by are_mniez • | | 4 comments
I'm studying criminal justice. If I want to become a criminalist. What I have to do?

Any good flashlight for investigating criminal scene

in Equipment and Supplies
by Supertony • | | 4 comments
I am a flashlight seller, now, some private detectives ask me to purchase some flashlights for investigating criminal scene, for example, mark the blood in the scene. So, do you guys know what kind of flashlights can be used for that?

Masters Degree

in Education
by Bobbi • | | 7 comments
I'm am currently active duty military with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration of Forensics. I am pursuing my Masters degree in Forensic Science and I would like to work in crime scene investigation. The two universities I'm am considering are Saint Leo University and more
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