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Rubber Gloves Question

in Research
by Alan_Frankfurt • | | 0 comments
Do rubber gloves of any kind leave residue behind? Nitrile, latex, etc? I know they leave behind prints under the right circumstances but do they leave behind any residue from the glove material itself that would prove that someone wearing a certain kind of glove was touching an item?

Looking for Entry Level Forensic Scientist position

in Careers
by Anum • | | 6 comments
Hi everyone. I've been looking for a position as a Forensic Scientist in ANY state for the past year but I've had no luck. I was wondering if you guys can offer an tips or help me out if you know anyone who works in the field. I have a bachelors in chemistry and a masters in pharmacology so more

Page from UK

in Resources
by Robert Green • | | 0 comments
Hello and best wishes from the UK. I hope it's ok to share this with you and you'll find some articles of interest. The FB page is from our forensic science programme at the University of Kent. I try to post most days with a mixture of articles, news items from around the world and ( more

continuing education

in Education
by Joe • | | 2 comments
Hi all, Was wondering if anyone knew of any continuing education programs for forensics/crime scene. Preferably free and online. Thanks, Joe

I want to be investigator

in Careers
by Amon • | | 0 comments
Hello guys , Im now studying Criminal Justice in SWOSU. I want when I graduate to be an officer or investigator, would this major will make me what I want to be ? any advices please

Graduating In Spring - Internship

in Careers
by Parker • | | 0 comments
I am graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Forensic Investigation Spring of 2016. I would like to be a crime scene investigator however I understand that you need to start small and work your way up. Unfortunately, I did/could not find an internship before I graduated. Does anyone know of any more
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