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by Angela • | | 0 comments
I am currently a sophomore in college to obtain my BA in Crime Scene Investigation. I have contacted my local police department and they do not offer any internships. Would anyone know of any other agencies in Raleigh North Carolina that offer an internship.


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by Yaya • | | 1 comment
Hello. I am currently studying Forensic Investigations and would like to do some kind of volunteering or intern program in a forensic lab. If anyone know where can I find an opportunity like this, I appreciate the info. I am in Broward County, Fl. Regards

Seeking employment in Crime Scene Unit

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by JBrown • | | 5 comments
Hello everyone, I have a question in regarding to re-applying for a position at a police department. I have recently failed a polygraph (Dec.2014) that indicated deception on my end. I have unintentionally 'lied' during my examination and did not stated what was on my mind. My question is more

Injuries in question

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by Tish • | | 0 comments
My step dad is convicted of murder. We are trying to prove he is innocent. One of the things that he is working on is that there was a second robbery after his group left. There are phone records that support this but the medical examiner was not privy to the second intrusion information. We more

Processing Multi Victim Grave Site

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by Richard Freeland • | | 3 comments
Hi! My names Richard Freeland, I'm writing a novel called "The 5". The plot, briefly, goes like this: 5 young girls were kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer and buried in the cellar of an old house. The protagonists (a 12 year old boy named Ben and his 17 year old sister Candace) more

looking for college

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by elvy • | | 2 comments
i have just recieved my crime scene investigation certificate and i want to continue studying for diploma,so im trying to find a college i can study from in United States of America while im in South Africa, Is there any college i can enroll in?

Hello all

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by • | | 0 comments
Hello and hope it's ok to share this with you... It's our university FB page for the forensic science programmes at the university of kent. The link is .... I post most days to the page with news, ebooks and other articles which I hope will be of more

Intro jobs

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by cs14 • | | 4 comments
What kind of jobs are a good foot in the door to becoming a CSI other than a police officer? I realize that it'll be difficult to get a CSI job right out of college and am trying to figure out what else I should be looking at!
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