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Innovative Project.

in Research
by Gabraella • | | 0 comments
My name is Gabraella and I'm currently a senior taking classes in the biomedical program. As the last step in our course, we are asked to develop an innovation for a topic we discussed in class. Because I have wanted to become a crime scene expert since the age of nine, an innovation based on more

Author Question

in Research
by worr199 • | | 4 comments
Hello, I am an aspiring author working on my first novel. My question is how would a forensics team open a sealed envelope containing a letter that a criminal would send to taunt police?

Crime Scene Investigator- need some help

in Careers
by Melissa • | | 2 comments
Hello, I graduated with my MS in Criminal Justice in 2013, and I have a BA in Psychology. I really want to be a Crime Scene Investigator, but I am not sure what classes/steps I need to take to do so. I live in NYC, so I feel like there would be an ample amount of jobs out here to apply to. more

12th Grade Research Paper

in Research
by Teresa • | | 0 comments
Hello, I was wondering if I could have an interview with a fellow crime scene investigator for my research paper. This is a big part of my grade and I will fell if I don't turn in a great research paper. Therefore could leave your email below please and I will contact you.

Dream Goal

in Careers
by Martinez • | | 4 comments
Hello, I graduated from college in December of 2014 and received a Bachelors in Forensic science/Biochemistry. I have been looking for employment and have been applying, within the field, but haven't had any luck. My ultimate goal to become a toxicologist. The jobs that I have applied for in more

latent print examiner

in Careers
by KER • | | 1 comment
I am looking to start a career as a latent print examiner. I currently have a Bachelors degree in CJ but I was looking for advice as to where to start. What certification is considered to be the most used/best for the field? Thank you!!


in Education
by Anna Meadows • | | 0 comments
Hi. My name is Anna and would like to know more information and that would like to know a great college to and what classes to study in HS right now i have one more year before i become a graduated senior but soon to be 18 in 4 months so will someone let me know you can email me at more

My dream

in Careers
by cw0828 • | | 3 comments
Hello, My name is Courtney. I am 20 years old and wanting to become a Crime Scene Investigator, to be more specific I want to become an Evidence Collector. I am not sure how to start though. I need some guidance, do I need to go to college and if so for what? I just want to know what to more

need some tips

in Research
by McKenzie horn • | | 0 comments
Hi, my name is McKenzie horn i am 14 years old i am writing a 3 page essay for my teacher . The topic is who do you wont to be when you grow up? i said i really do not know because , i really wont to work for the SVU. The special victim unit is a TV show called law and order . i really need more


in Research
by cs14 • | | 5 comments
- deleted -


in Research
by adharris • | | 0 comments
So, I'm taking a forensic science trainee state test for Pennsylvania and I'm sort of stumped on where to start studying, the guideline are pretty vague, and they don't have practice tests or study guides, this is the list of what I will be tested on: Basic Concepts of Chemistry Basic more

Volunteer Work

in Careers
by harriss41 • | | 1 comment
Hello, I'm working on my BS degree in Criminal Investigations. I'm looking to gain some experience in the field of CSI or Latent Prints. If there is an agency that I can work with please let me know. Thank you.

Final Project for college

in Research
by stephanie • | | 1 comment
Hello Everyone, I am currently a freshman in college trying to obtain a AA in crime scene investigation. We have a final project and we need to get a hold of someone who has worked in the field (Retired) or is currently working on the field as a crime scene investigator. I need to interview more
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