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interview analysis

in Research
by marisa • | | 0 comments
1 what do you do? 2 How long have you had this job? 3 what degrees did you earn? 4 what is your favorite part of the job? 5 what is your least favorite part of the job? 6 what goals have you achieved? 7 what is your definition of success? 8 what advice do you have for a middle school more

CSI and foreign applicants.

in Careers
by Canister • | | 1 comment
Yeah this might sound wierd to some of you, but does anyone know if the CSI accepts foreign applicants in the US?

private investigator Sydney

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by private investigator... • | | 0 comments
Private Investigator Sydney - Sydneys Leading Group of Private Investigators including Lipstick Investigations, Integral Investigations and Agency99

I'm a writer, need consultation

in Research
by Ela • | | 0 comments
Hello! I'm writing a sci-fi detective short story. The idea is that the criminal leaves fake fingerprints with the help of plastic gloves, which have a relief model of the fingerprint on them. Since plastic does not have sweat/grease/whatever on it, the criminal rubbed his nose (with more

interview analysis

in Research
by ray • | | 1 comment
1 What is your job title? 2 What are your job duties and responsibilities? 3 What do you do in a typical day? Such as activities, meeting, etc. 4 What are the most positive aspects about your work? 5 What aspects of this job do you most dislike and why? more

transporting of evidence

in Forensic Techniques
by Terri Augspurger • | | 2 comments
Hello. I have a question regarding transporting of biological specimens collected from a sexual assault. The victim chooses to report to law enforcement, so the specimens collected are indeed "evidence" at this point. Who has the authority to transport that evidence to a evidence more

forensic science

in Careers
by gagan • | | 0 comments
I have done postgraduation in forensic science and have a graduation with medical (botany,zoology and chemistry).I worked as a forensic analyst in a forensic science laboratory in serology division.Now I want to get job as a CSI,but I am not aware of the procedure to do so.I live in Chandigarh more

Inteview Questions

in Careers
by Layla B • | | 2 comments
In need of answers for the following questions for anyone working in a forensic science field, Thanks. What do you do in your job as a ________? What tools/skills do you use in order to successfully do your job? What environment do you work in on a daily basis? What type of more

Future goal

in Education
by Caitlin • | | 2 comments
Hi my name is Caitlin i'm still in school, but my dream is to become a Forensic Investigator. My question is is there certain subjects that i need to complete in school to be able to go study for it.

Forensic Jobs in the US

in Careers
by Jay • | | 1 comment
Hello there. I am currently a criminalist in Sydney, Australia. I am attached to a state lab that does trace evidence and DNA examinations. Specifically I have worked in DNA lab, doing lysis, extraction and PCR. Currently I am attached to the chemical criminalistics unit and I examine more

Civilian Crime Scene Investigator/ Evidence Custodian

in Research
by Randy Mockler • | | 2 comments
We are implementing a Civilian Crime Scene Investigator/ Evidence custodian and are in need of examples of Department policies regarding this if any Department has such. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

future goal

in Research
by anastasia stephen • | | 0 comments
Hi my name is anastasia , i would really be interested in an internship with an actual crime scene investigator . or just to be able to talk to one would be great as well . please email me my email is

Crime Scene Investigation/Medicolegal Death Investigator

in Careers
by gradman88 • | | 7 comments
Hello All, i am currently seeking my masters in forensics and public safety. The ultimate goal is to become a crime scene investigator or medicolegal death investigator but honestly i do not know what other steps i can take to advance my career? Looking to leave the chicago area once i more
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