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Getting a CSI job in the USA

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by CSI UK • | | 2 comments
Hi, I work in the Police in the UK and have recognised qualifications in Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Management and Crime Scene Coordination. I am also qualified in Fire Investigation, Disater Victim Identification, as well as having first and second line management experience in more

Job Hunt

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by cs14 • | | 1 comment
- deleted -

How to became crime scene investigator?

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by north • | | 3 comments
Hello! I have been working as a police officer since 2001, when i finished the Hungarian Police Academy. I worked as a crime scene investigator for 7 years. I was the leader in the crime scene of murder, robbery, rape, theft, and i worked in some murder and robbery case as an investigator. I more

question about required education

in Education
by jason • | | 2 comments
I have a general question for the experts about the education required to go into medico legal death investigation, death investigation, and medical investigation...ect... I went to a four year university for forensic science, I now have my BS in cjus forensic investigation. I have taken a more

Follow up after CSI interview

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by Tina • | | 4 comments
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I went to a interview for csi and they didn't give me a time frame on when they would be getting back to me. I know they have to do the background check and that takes a few weeks. Everything I have read says it might take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. more


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by Yana • | | 1 comment
Hello! I am a criminologist . Specialization - fingerprinting . I was educated at the police academy in Ukraine. I am not a US citizen . Can I get the position and work permit expert on fingerprints and crime scene investigation ?

Object Detection Tool

in Research
by Edwin Gramajo • | | 0 comments
Do CSI use object detection tool to match a victim?

no experience for forensic investigator

in Careers
by Melissa • | | 8 comments
I have a degree in psychology and in criminal justice/forensic investigations. When I apply for jobs I am told that I have no experience or didn't go to an accredited college. How is a person supposed to get experience if they don't want to hire a person out of college and as for an accredited more

Working overseas

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by Rachel • | | 2 comments
Hi! I have completed my bachelor of forensic science sub-majoring in forensic chemistry at university of western Sydney in 2013 and have found it difficult to obtain a job in forensics. Would anyone know any agencies that are open to international applications or specific employment more
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