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Which degree is better?

in Education
by Bo Jo • | | 2 comments
Which degree is better? A Masters in Criminal Justice with A specialization in Forensics or a Masters in Forensics Science?

CSI Effect

in Research
by Amanda • | | 0 comments
Hello! I hope all is well! Im a graduate student doing research and I need help. I was wondering if people could help me out and take my survey. The survey must be completed by a crime scene investigator or in the forensic field. The link to the survey is below: more

Crime Scene Technician Exam

in Careers
by Lilianna • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am scheduled to take an exam for crime scene technician. I have two weeks until the exam. Did anyone of you take one? If so, can you please post any tips, pointers? Thank you!


in Research
by IAI CCSI • | | 3 comments
Hi all, I am just wondering but I have been preparing myself and studying the materials needed for the CCSI certification now the test is not for months but better to study early than late I wanna be well prepared for when I take the exam but I am just wondering to all of those who have more
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