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Interested in Persuing

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by Lakesha D. • | | 1 comment
Since I was younger, I always would watch marathon's upon marthon's of CSI. I graduated high school and decided that was exactly what I wanted to do. I'm currently out of college but would love to get back into it. My only question is, if I wanted to pursue going to school for CSI , and got my more

Crime Scene Investigator/Advice

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by gradman88 • | | 1 comment
Hello All, Looking for some advice I'm currently a graduate student studying at Capella University and will be done in September with my degree in public safety with concentration in forensic science. I also am studying to the take the criminal investigator exam through ACFEI. I was just more

Math Careers Interview - In the Criminal Justice Field

in Research
by Thiaba • | | 0 comments
Name : Occupation : Phone number : Email : Interview Question for people in the Criminal Justice Field 1. What's your occupation? 2. Have you ever used Algebra in your occupation? 3. Have you ever used the burring process formula to remove some of the bur in a picture of a more

Potential to work in the US, coming from the UK, with UK accreditation

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by Sam Danby • | | 0 comments
Hi, my name is Sam Danby. I recently completed my degree in Forensic Biology and also completed accredited basic 40 hour blood pattern analysis training and due to hopefully do the Advanced this year. Before moving home to England to take my degree, I was living in California for 4 years ( more

Applying for jobs

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by cs14 • | | 2 comments
- deleted -

Becoming A CSI

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by Sade • | | 1 comment
I keep hearing that you absolutely have to become a police officer first before being a crime scene investigator. Is this true ? I was wondering if you can do other things in the police field other than an actual police officer like for example , being the person who takes inmates fingerprints more


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by Shelly • | | 1 comment
I have a crime analyst interview coming up shorting, I was told there would be an oral and an lab interview. Being that I have never worked in a crime lab I have no idea what they would be looking for in the lab. Does any one have any pointers on how I can prepare for this interview, or any more
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