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How to be in Forensics Field?

in Education
by Jessica • | | 2 comments
Hi, I am really interested in pressuring a career in the forensics field in the future. However, the college that I am currently attending does not have a forensics major. Is it possible to still be in the forensics field with a degree in science such as biology or chemistry degree? Or is it more

Designating a crime scene as a Major Crime Scene, NYC

in Research
by Idrian • | | 1 comment
I'm a writer. The crime in my story takes place at an isolated subway entrance in Queens NY late at night. "Noises" are reported by a neighbor; otherwise no witnesses. Victim is black male 25 well dressed. Unconscious as a result of a brutal beating. Wallet gone. Precinct receives more


in Education
by Griha • | | 1 comment
To become a CSI, we should only study science and is it possible to study other subject like account ,for example

Can someone with a theft felony become a csi

in Careers
by lori • | | 1 comment
Hi...I'm looking into becoming a csi and am concerned that my felony might hold me back. Does anyone know if they will still hire you for this with a theft record? Thanx

I'm stuck...

in Careers
by Jason • | | 5 comments
I will be completing my Ph.D. in Bioanalytical Chemistry in about two months, and I have applied to multiple forensic scientist positions so far, and only received rejections without any interviews. I use GC, GC-MS, LC, LC-MS, and FTIR for my graduate projects pretty heavily, and I have more

study Forensic Sceince and criminal investgation

in Education
by Saara • | | 1 comment
good day i want to study forensic science and criminal investigation BSc(Hons) please refer me to a college or university where i can study this course. here is my address: thanks


in Research
by Crystal Perez • | | 1 comment
My name's Crystal and I was wondering if there are any forensic scientists that would be able to answer a few questions for a school project. I am interested in being a forensic scientist in the future so if someone could answer my questions that would be great. When did you decide you more


in Research
by Dnash • | | 0 comments
Is there anyway i could interview someone in this career field for a project? If so can you respond and state your name and email address? I can also post the questions on here: What is an average day in the field for you? Is it anything like the tv shows? How do you feel when you're on more

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in Miscellaneous
by lima,juliet,foxtrot ... • | | 1 comment
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