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Courtroom testimony

in Research
by Moe • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am looking for any books that involve crime scene and courtroom testimony. I was recently hired as a CST and although I have worked in a volunteer capacity as a crime scene technician for quite some time, I have never actually been called into court. Do any of you know any books more

Becoming a crime scene investigator or related

in Education
by makaea • | | 3 comments
Hello, I am interested in looking into becoming involved in the forensic science field. However, I am almost done with my sociology degree, emphasis in law and society. I am looking into the CSI program at UCR, Will I need to get a higher degree more related to be able to get a forensic job. more

Ultraviolet Equipment Question

in Research
by plunkettphoto • | | 1 comment
RE: Civil, not criminal, evidence photography. I am a civilian - not an office. I have been a professional photographer for almost 20 years and now wish to expand my business to include evidence/legal photography. In the past, I was a member of EPIC (evidence photographers more

Evidence Packaging on Scenes

in Research
by Kelsey • | | 3 comments
Hello! I am conducting a quick survey about evidence packaging: Does your laboratory package and seal evidence on scene, or, do you use convenience packaging until you return to the lab? Please respond with an explanation of your practices, your lab's name, and whether or not you are ASCLD more

Job Requirements

in Careers
by Pedro Santos • | | 1 comment
Good evening everybody! I just wanted to ask you if it's required to be a US citizen for most/all of the jobs posted here. Thank You!

Personal Protection

in Research
by Tuc8 • | | 2 comments
I'm doing research for a proposal at my agency. I'm currently a Forensic Technician with a Sheriff's dept. I'm located in the Southwestern US. On occasions we process crime scene in remote desert locations. The only protection I have is one deputy on scene with me. In light of the changing more
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