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Writing a forensic supernatural story, need advice

in Research
by ChrisJ • | | 0 comments
So I'm writing a story about what a college town thinks is an elusive serial killer is actually a killer ghost. The scene is essentially a young woman goes to use a pregnancy test and is cut to pieces while in the girls restroom, however, since the killer is from another plane of existence, more

Forensic Examination of Shoe Print to Bodily Injury - Expert Needed

in Research
by strategicintelligenc... • | | 3 comments
Hi Group, I am working a case and need a forensics expert to compare shoe (boot) tread to a facial injury (photo). Any suggestions? Thank you, Christine Burke, MAOM Strategic Intelligence Services PLLC Investigate the Possibilities 1900 W Chandler Boulevard, 15-263, Chandler AZ more


in Research
by Courtney B. • | | 1 comment
Recently the administrations would like us to record live video of when officers enter to serve a search warrant from a distant. As well record the entry and exit of the scene. As of now we only have a Nikon D3100 for our photograph but we used it to record video. Problem is the video and more

Death Smell

in Forensic Techniques
by kirstenk_hall • | | 1 comment
I've just started as a crime scene analyst, and had my first badly composed body the other day. The smell was awful at first but I eventually got used to it. So used to it, I guess I couldn't smell it on my uniform, although all the detectives assured me it was there. My question is, what's more

active oxygen at a crime scene

in Research
by CG Bauer • | | 0 comments
I've read that bleach with active oxygen removes indications of hemoglobin, which makes using luminol ineffective for discovering blood at a crime scene. Can forensics folks test a crime scene for the use of oxygenated bleach as a neutralizing agent? I'm a crime novelist. Thanks.


in Research
by Liz • | | 2 comments
I'm currently a CSI, and I'm working on a powerpoint presentation. I want to keep it interesting. I'm trying to remember ... During the BTK investigation, the Wichita PD inserted an image into a regular TV broadcast, hoping to get Rader's attention. I want to do that in my powerpoint, only, I more
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