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Missing or Murder?

in Research
by Belry • | | 1 comment
A person was missing, after 4 days the body was found in a creek bloated and the pants pulled below the buttock. The picture taken by the uncle of this missing person was that of a body with the face down lying in the ambulance completely covered with a thick green sheet, only the feet and the more

Interview questions for an assignment

in Research
by Terri Mulhern • | | 1 comment
I have 10 questions that I would like someone to answer for an assignment if at all possible. The assignment is due next week and I need to get a head start. Thank you. 1. What goes through your mind when you’re assigned a story? 2. In your experience, what makes a “good” crime story or more

Materials and equipment list

in Equipment and Supplies
by Joe • | | 2 comments
What is your your list when your at a crime scene

Cost for training

in Education
by KP • | | 1 comment
If I wanted to get training to be a criminal investigator how much would it cost all together or could you pay in chunks?

Forensic Help

in Careers
by Anthony • | | 2 comments
Hi Everyone, My name is Anthony a Swedish native in my final year/semester of forensic studies at my university in London (United Kingdom). During my time of study I have always had great aspirations of pursuing a career in forensic toxicology or marks and traces in the forensic field in the more
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