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CSI Floor/Wall Lever and Flat Surface Forensic Light

in Equipment and Supplies
by Joyce • | | 0 comments
Detecting fingerprints, debris, fibres, hairs, shoe marks, tire prints and other micro traces evidence on the floor/wall lever and flat surface----- OR-GZJ30B . Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries 100 minutes working time External Dimension: 142*247*50 mm 30W with brightness adjustable more

Interview Questions

in Research
by Yvonne • | | 0 comments
I have a project and it is related to my career, which is homicide detective/crime scene investigator, and I need someone to interview. I live in a small town, so its not usual to find someone who does what I want to do. I was just wondering if anyone is willing to be my interviewee via email? more

Student needs help

in Careers
by A • | | 1 comment
Hi and thanks for reading my post. I'm a student at a local college getting my associates in Forensics and I want to be a Deputy Coroner/Coroner Investigator. Are there any death investigators here that could possibly give me some general advice regarding the hiring process/your daily job life? more

Networking or Connections

in Research
by Nkosi • | | 5 comments
I am currently searching for a forensic analyst or Crime Scene Technician position. I have my degree in Forensic Science and I have 3 years experience as an officer. If anyone knows anyone with connections or knows of anyone I could network with please let me know. It would be greatly more

Blue star luminol help needed

in Forensic Techniques
by Frankmia • | | 2 comments
I used blue star magnum luminol to detect blood inside an apt. The blood did light up an intense blue, but when I spray the wood floor almost everywhere I spray lights up a yellow greenish color. Not sure if this stuff just normally lights up yellow green by itself and just blue where blood was more
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