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physical condition

in Careers
by yesenia torres • | | 1 comment
Do u have to have a good health in order to apply for the program???because I have a seizure disorder and I want to become something I always wanted..but I don't want to start aometsomething and not finish

Collecting Guns from water, preserving gun in watertight case with water in it.

in Forensic Techniques
by jtyler1973 • | | 4 comments
Hello! Our State Police have requested that when we collect a gun from, for example, our river, that we keep the gun in the water, while placing it into a container that can hold the gun and water. I have never heard of doing this, but I need some suggestions from someone familiar with this more

Securing the scene before investigators leaving

in Research
by Christy • | | 0 comments
Before leaving a scene is it the investigators responsibility to make sure the house or room is locked and secure? If at a hotel and the room is not secured whose responsible if items are stolen from there?

Non-citizen wants to become a crime scene investgator/ forensic scientist

in Careers
by Coen • | | 1 comment
I wonder if there are any local/ regional governments or private firms that would sponsor non-citizens for the working visa/ hire them for the post.
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