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ABI series sequencing machine

in Research
by William He • | | 0 comments
I want to buy some second-hand ABI sequencing machine, such as 3100, 3130 or 3500. Anybody knows where can I buy them? If do, please give me a response or mail me Thanks~

Degree choice

in Careers
by Lrblouky • | | 2 comments
Like many others, my interest in the CSI field has developed into a passion more so over the last 10 years. However, my current career is far from my ultimate employment objective (which would be in the field, working along side with my local law enforcement investing crime scenes). I have 2 more


in Miscellaneous
by Kelli Sturges • | | 0 comments
Hi all, I work for a Emmy Award winning NYC production company with a long established history in the true crime space and multiple true crime tv shows currently on air. If you or someone you know is any of the following and would like to possibly be on tv…. then we would like to hear more

Tattoos, etc

in Research
by Cici • | | 1 comment
I am doing a project and one of the questions is, "are there policies about having tattoos, smoking, piercings, etc?" Can someone tell me if its just the certain agencies or are there policies throughout agencies.

Looking for my first job in the field

in Careers
by John • | | 1 comment
My name is John I am 24 years old I have my Associate's in criminal justice, certificate in forensics, and just 8 courses away from my Bachelor's in criminal justice. My question to everyone and anyone is what should I do next. I feel like I am wasting time because every job I find on here is more
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