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Confident in Computer Forensic Investigation

in Research
by sedi • | | 1 comment
Hi guys, I'm interested in computer forensic investigation issue. If legal enforcement agency is hired to do the investigation in a company, how can we guarantee the information and the issue is not spread out to the public? How much you're significant confident in it? and what factors more

CSI vs CSI Intensive Academy at UCR

in Education
by Jade • | | 1 comment
Hi everyone, Is there a major difference of outcomes between the two programs? CSI program appears to be more time flexible but also takes a longer period of time to complete and the Intensive Academy is a 6 week course. Does one receive the same certificate from either and the main more


in Careers
by KO • | | 1 comment
I am new to the forensic field. I just received my BS in Forensic Science. The process for obtaining recognition in the field is not an easy sale without at least one year prior experience. I was wondering what certificates I could apply for (i.e. IAI), many of them seem to require me to become more

Evidence Investigation

in Research
by Zoey Ibarahim • | | 1 comment
Hi I'm Haszlin and need some opinion from those who know. I am attached with organizations that are currently in a dilemma; an employee in the court prosecution with misconduct in evidence investigations has been put under my inquiry. Since there is no experience, yet no known rules, I hope you more
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