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by humanin3d • | | 1 comment
Greetings. Writer here. Question. I have character in a very-near-future dystopian tale who has been accused of murder because his phone was found with a recording of the murder. In this story, cameras are now pretty much everywhere, but not every single angle covered. Some cities are more
by Sapiens • | | 4 comments
Hi, I’m no professional, only studied CJ but love watching crime shows. What always strikes me in those shows is that ‘first responders’ (such as police, detectives, etc.) always enter homicide scenes, walk around to assess, etc. I’m just wondering why the crime scenes are processed this more
by Desiree • | | 6 comments
hi there, i'm a 41 yr old medical professional who's looking for something new. i've decided on forensic science, but i didn't know there were so many options. i live in arizona and i was wondering if anybody else who did their schooling/training in az would allow me to pick their brain for a more
by Ryan • | | 1 comment
Hi there, I am currently studying my Masters in Forensic Science at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. I will complete my Thesis project midway through 2019 and am looking for any opportunities to undertake an internship somewhere in the States. Does anybody have an idea on the best places more
by Loveth Anyanwu • | | 1 comment
Advice on how to contact a forensic investigator to perform specific autopsy after death related to involuntary poisons in my system and Life Insurance fraud. My previous post was deleted with out my permission so any advice will help. Mostly deals with involuntary poising both at work and at more
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