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by joe • | | 1 comment
Got a question about contamination of evidence, how would one be able to gather evidence of a crime that happened in the back seat of a taxi, how could the evidence be anything but contaminated?
by Bill • | | 0 comments
Hi, I have a question for any CSI's here. I just stumbled in from google, sorry if this is misplaced. I just moved into a new place. My room has concrete floors, in the basement. I noticed a spread of impact marks on the floor. Upon closer inspection I dug charred material out of many of more
by Yaamini Mohan • | | 0 comments
I have completed my bachelor's in biotechnology and masters in biomedical genetics from India. I got another masters degree in forensic genetics with human identification from UK. Now I am currently looking for career opportunities in the same field in any country. Kindly help me with the more
by Morgan • | | 2 comments
Hello! I'm an incoming freshman going into forensics. Right now I'm not doing too hot and calculus, and I'm scared that if I go into forensics and I have things calculus I won't be too successful. How much calculus do you guys to use in the job? I'm fine with all their maths.
by DebC • | | 2 comments
I am currently writing my dissertation and can`t find some information. I am reviewing an old case. A man was convicted of murder but pleads innocent. There were 2 fingerprints identified on the rifle, one was his found on the breech end barrel, above the stock and pointing across the gun, his more
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