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by Kim Williams • | | 4 comments
I have always been passionate about crime scene investigation, forensics, and LE. I already have a degree in CJ and security background. I'm just debating whether to go forward and continue my education to pursue CSI. I live in Nashville and am finding it almost impossible to find someone in more
by Lynn Prior • | | 1 comment
I'm a writer just finishing up my first novel. I have created a story and need to back up a few things with factual information, or change the content so the information is correct. My Murderer is hemaphobic and murders his victims by stabbing them in the base of the neck. I had some more
by Fifi Smairat • | | 2 comments
- deleted -
by richardoux • | | 0 comments
This is my first post in the community I really like this place and have been looking for a long time Looking forward to discussing with everyone Thank you all and wish you good luck
by Leslie • | | 0 comments
I work for (a research supply company) and have access to PPE supplies if anyone needs them? Feel free to reach out to me for more info
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