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Touch DNA Visualized Extraction System OR-GDNA1000, it is working for detecting Touch DNA (analyzes skin cells left behind when assailants touch victims, weapons or something else at a crime scene), which could be visualized and extraction. More information please check more
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Good Evening, I have always been interested in the Criminal Justice field and the forensic path has been pulling at my curiosity the last couple of months. My wife found this certificate online for a Criminal Psychology course from International Open Academy. They have additional courses more
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I'm in the midst of a career change, after 20+ years in a non-law-enforcement field, and successfully completed a panel interview for a forensic investigator position. I'm now in the background check phase, and wonder how long this typically takes? The time between my application submission and more
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Hello, My name is Beanie Pernoll and I am a senior at my local high school. My econ class is requiring me to interview two people who have a job description close to the one I am most interested in. If anyone could answer any of all of these questions that would be a huge help! Feel free to more
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