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by Ivanataina • | | 1 comment
Hi to anyone reading this, I am currently in a research internship for forensic science. The first step of the research was writing a literature review and now we must write a methodology. My research question is: “How can we achieve the most accurate face identification and composite more
by Thansen97 • | | 0 comments
Hi everyone, I am currently writing a project for my technical writing class in college. I am in need of samples of Crime scene investigation reports. So that I may review them and then eventually based o these examples write my own report. Please help.
by Logan Estridge • | | 0 comments
Hello, I am graduating from University with a BA in Psychology in 5 weeks and am very interested in a career path as a Crime Scene Investigator. As I am not qualified for an entry-level CSI position I have considered several options including: going back to college for a second bachelor's more
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