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by Tamokomo • | | 0 comments
I hope I am putting this in the right forum. If anyone can help or give some advice (anything), please feel free to chip in and tell me what you know. I started gaining interest in this field (after putting my pre-med hopes on hold) and I have a BS in Biomedical Sciences so I have taken more
by sheee • | | 1 comment
I am wondering what can disqualify a person from becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. Would a non violent felony on their record do this?
by CJ • | | 1 comment
Hello everyone......Im currently taking clases for my Associates degree in Criminal Justice...Im not quite sure what I want to do after graduating....everytime I seem to know I run into something else that interests me more. But what are the actual jobs out there that require an Associates more
by WBL • | | 0 comments
I am majoring in Family Studies and Human Services with a concentration in Sociology. I am very interested in getting a job in the crime scene area. With this sort of degree, what would I qualify for? Thank you.

Confused...Please Help

in Careers
by MDM • | | 3 comments
I've been interested in Crime Scene Investigations since about 7th grade. I didn't have the means to go to college after I got my GED but now I do. I'm 25 and just enrolled in Everest University Online in the Crime Scene Investigations program but after reading the many posts and replies from more
by Mark • | | 1 comment
Would my age(55), hinder employment opportunities as Crime Scene Technician?
by Pateizia Weeks • | | 2 comments
I've been wanting to become a CSI ever since I was 5 and I'm going to school for that right now and I want to know what does it take to get there. I want to know what made you want to get into becoming a CSI.
by Brenda • | | 1 comment
My 24 year-old daughter is currently getting a criminal justice major, 4 yrs. of college and she is wanting to work for the FBI as an investigator. Her husband is a police officer. She has a clean background, good credit and is maintaining a high grade level. I've been helping her do more
by don • | | 1 comment
how can i tell what a stain is, if its semen or vaginal fluid?
by AGENT85 • | | 1 comment
I have always been interested in crime scene investigation. I have now started wondering if this is the right career for me? I like knowing that I can help people and the fact that I will be working with the law. I like knowing that I will be working withing a risky enviroment. At the same time more
by ashley • | | 4 comments
I have been interested in this field since I was a child and have just been afforded the opputunity to go back to school the unfortunate side is that I'm 25 yrs old and I totally am not in the know of how to find out what classes I would want to take for this field and the adviser at my college more
by StevenO • | | 0 comments
Hi, Malaysian Police is trying to cover up a crime that's committed by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency. A witness was found dead under their custody while undergoing marathon interrogation to extract false evidence of corruption in order to upsurge the opposition political parties. more
by Cherry • | | 1 comment
In '98 I recieved my BA in Law/Society with Criminal Law emphasis. In 2004 I became a fully credentialed teacher here in California. Debating going back but pursuing Criminal Scene Tech. What steps would you suggest? Any and all comments are welcome.
by shelly1lyn • | | 1 comment
Hi. This is all new to me and wondering if i can ask a question about crime scene photograph, I am looking for information regarding luminol, infrared, Fluorencence. Any information is welcome.
by Lisa • | | 0 comments
Hello! Has anyone attended Weatherford College in Weatherford, Texas for their forensic program. If so, can you give me some details and is it worth it? Thanks so much! Lisa T.

CSI Equipment Van & Trailer Organization

in Equipment and Supplies
by JT • | | 0 comments
I am interested in opinions of CSI Techs for the setup and organization of our new CSI equipment van and trailer. Our equipment will now have one home and will transported/deployed by an assigned team. We have a great deal of latitude at this point, and I want to avoid stumbles made by other more
by Ga peach • | | 0 comments
Hey, How many of you are on It's a networking site that will put you in touch with people in your field. Ga Peach

Photography resources

in Equipment and Supplies
by carlaCSI • | | 5 comments
I was wondering if anyone had a good resource book for crime scene photography?
by Nancy11 • | | 0 comments
Hello,My name is Nancy and im a High school student. Im so into becoming a CSI, what would you recommed I do to be perpered for collage so that im advanced. What books or classes should i take in High school? How could i be a Detetive/ CSI? Help Me Please

Question about Crime Lab Smell

in Research
by M. Dunham • | | 4 comments
Are there any smells you identify with the crime lab when you work in it?
by Sparkymouse • | | 0 comments
Hi my name is Kim and I was just wondering if I would have to go and take the same test as a Police Officers. I am hearing different stories. Also I am in my second semester in Criminal Justice School and I would like to get a job. Is this possible?
by john • | | 1 comment
what kind of background checks do they do and what if u had a misdameanor 4 years ago and do u need good credit
by Ed • | | 2 comments
I am currently a graduate student w/ a major in Forensic Science and have been searching the web for the rules in New York State as to who "owns" the victims body in a crime scene"? Who is allowed to move the body and collect evidence off of the body? Anybody have the answers or more

Forensic Accounting

in Careers
by Cat • | | 1 comment
Does anyone know what, exactly, this is and what kind of education is required?


in Equipment and Supplies
by Cat • | | 2 comments
I have heard that there are different kinds of gloves used for crime scene processing; the common latex and cotton. Is it true that the most commonly used latex gloves can cause damage to prints and or transfer finger prints from one place to another, where cotton gloves cause no damage and more
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