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by anthony88 • | | 4 comments
I am from Britain and currently studying for a degree in forensic science. In May 2009 I will have completed my degree and in July 2010 we intend to move to the USA. If you can, could you tell me a little about the jobs available to internationals and if you have any knowledge of the more


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by Lynette • | | 10 comments
Why exactly is getting a bachelors degree in forensic science not recommended? I am 26 and working on my second bachelors and a new career (my first was in music, very unrelated). I am looking at two different schools to transfer to, both are CA state universities, and one of them offers a more


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by annie • | | 9 comments
what are the hours of a forensic investigator?

First time job seeker

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by Danielle G. • | | 20 comments
Ok my question for everyone is what is the best way to get my foot in the door for a CSI job? I am a senior in college and am graduating in the spring with my bachelors in criminal justice and I have really been trying to get a job at a crime lab. The catch 22 that I am finding is they wont more

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by Steve Staggs • | | 43 comments
This forum has been created so those in crime scene investigations, as well as those interested in becoming crime scene investigators, may ask and reply to questions in all areas of forensics. Questions may include career advice through specific forensic techniques. I invite you to register more
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