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Materials and equipment list

in Equipment and Supplies
by Joe • | | 2 comments
What is your your list when your at a crime scene

Cost for training

in Education
by KP • | | 1 comment
If I wanted to get training to be a criminal investigator how much would it cost all together or could you pay in chunks?

Forensic Help

in Careers
by Anthony • | | 2 comments
Hi Everyone, My name is Anthony a Swedish native in my final year/semester of forensic studies at my university in London (United Kingdom). During my time of study I have always had great aspirations of pursuing a career in forensic toxicology or marks and traces in the forensic field in the more

Science Fair

in Research
by R. Lewis • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am working on a new process tweaking crime scene investigation tools that are used today in hopes that they may be helpful to law enforcement offices in 3rd world countries. I am doing this for a high school science fair project and I currently have no college education in criminal or more

entry level CSI? 2013 graduate looking

in Careers
by C. Leskowsky • | | 5 comments
Hello, I graduated with an associate's degree in criminal investigations in 2013, and was looking for something entry level in the field. There is nothing currently in Alabama because they want us to be police officers first. I am willing to relocate, even if it's just apprentice style work or more

How to develop latent fingerprints on all kinds of paper evidence by Non Destructive Test

in Forensic Techniques
by Joyce • | | 0 comments
It is used widely using Ninhydrin such tranditional way to detect latent fingerprints, but for the tissue paper such loose structure papers, Ninhydrin cannot do, so how to get the latent fingerprints? 1, Not need chemical reagent, not pollute the paper. 2, Even the tissue paper, detect more

Becomming A CSI

in Education
by Alyssa • | | 6 comments
Hello, I am currently applying for universities and colleges but I had a question that I just wanted to make sure I was right about before making any final decisions. Would a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice or even Criminology with a few classes in forensics be enough to get admitted for more

Facebook page may be of interest

in Resources
by Robert Green • | | 0 comments
Hope it's ok to share our FB page from the University of Kent - forensic science programmes with you. I try to post most days with news items, articles, ebooks, podcasts and jobs... Hope you'll find of interest and like/share. Robert Green - University of Kent. more

School Project Shadowing/Interview

in Research
by Lydia S • | | 0 comments
I am doing a project at school and would like to shadow or interview a forensic scientist. If any one has a name and contact info of one who would be available and up to it, it would be greatly appreciated.

How to find your suitable forensic kits?

in Equipment and Supplies
by Lily • | | 0 comments
Could you tell me which forensic kits you use frequently? no doubt ,someone must say magnifier and UV light Any equipment can work with two functions of magnifier and UV light ? You sure know there is already lots of UV magnifier in the market. But ! Do you know there is a magnifier more

What Major + Good Colleges for a BS Degree

in Education
by Taylor • | | 6 comments
Hello! I need your guys' help! I can't figure out which major to go for. I want to become a crime scene investigator, but I don't know what to major in. Should I major in chemistry? Or forensic science? Or something else? I've tried looking at UC's here in California, but I haven't found any more

Non Invasive Blood Detection

in Forensic Techniques
by Eddy • | | 2 comments
Hi All, im looking for a way to detect blood in plastic surfaces without the use of chemical agents like luminol, is there any machine that can detect blood presence without using chemicals?? Thank You

Drone usage on a crime scene

in Research
by nanettefl2 • | | 1 comment
Hi all. I have recently started researching the possibility of using drones in crime scene. If you and/or your agency use drones either on a crime scene or for aerial photographs can you let me know what agency you are with and what state and how long you have been using them? If you have more

Crime Scene Reconstruction and Computer Graphics

in Careers
by Tony • | | 0 comments
Hi there, my name is DEL GAIZO Antonio I've got on your wepage surfing on the web that's why I have some inquiry to you to get some informations: I'm 42 yrs old Italian guy with 22 police job xperience on my cv, and since I've been dealing with Computer Graphics from the first years of the more

Otaining a career in the Forensic Investigations Field

in Careers
by plug428 • | | 1 comment
I recently graduated with my Nurse Practitioner's degree and studying for the Broads at this time. I have always wanted to be a forensic investigator. Also, I took an online forensic course with Kaplan University that was very exciting to me in 2007. I live in South Florida and willing to more

Crime Scene Cameras

in Equipment and Supplies
by jerry • | | 2 comments
My department is looking into new cameras for the Crime Scene guys, so I'm trying to get information. What cameras are you Crime Scene Techs using these days? What lens sizes do you have? Any special equipment that goes with them? Also, where do you buy your camera equipment? We previously more

UK CSI looking for a days attachment with US CSI Department

in Miscellaneous
by Louise • | | 1 comment
Hi, I am a CSI with a UK police force with 13 years experience I am coming to Washington in November as part of my masters degree for a week. I was wondering if it would be possible to do a days attachment with a CSI department. Would anybody know how I go about contacting the relevant person/ more


in Education
by Jasmine • | | 3 comments
I will be graduating from college in the spring and was wondering if I had to do an internship before I can get a job in my field. If so any suggestions of where and how? I live in the San Francisco/East Bay Area of California. Any help would be great. Jasmine

Wrongly convicted of rape

in Research
by Tony • | | 0 comments
If three men were to have sex with the same woman, would a positive secreta cancel out a negative secreta. So if two of the men were negative secreta and one was a positive secreta, would the positive secreta sperm, cancel out the negative, so that you wouldn't be able to distinguish whether more

Crime scene skills

in Research
by Mosorio12 • | | 0 comments
Hello, what is a particular skill that you have and how do you process evidence from a crime scene to court testimony?

Can I take Biology instead of Forensics?

in Education
by Nicole Calderon • | | 1 comment
Hey, I'm a high school senior and I'm starting to apply to some colleges. I would like to be a CSI but I'm wondering if instead of majoring in forensics (most of the colleges I'm applying to don't offer it) I could major in Biology. I just would like to know before I officially start applying more

Forensic Science in Criminal Courts: Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparison Methods

in Research
by Boyd Baumgartner • | | 0 comments
President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology released a report today titled Forensic Science in Criminal Courts: Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparison Methods . This follows the 2009 National Academy of Science's Report: 'Strengthening Forensic Science: A Path more

Writing a forensic supernatural story, need advice

in Research
by ChrisJ • | | 0 comments
So I'm writing a story about what a college town thinks is an elusive serial killer is actually a killer ghost. The scene is essentially a young woman goes to use a pregnancy test and is cut to pieces while in the girls restroom, however, since the killer is from another plane of existence, more

Forensic Examination of Shoe Print to Bodily Injury - Expert Needed

in Research
by strategicintelligenc... • | | 3 comments
Hi Group, I am working a case and need a forensics expert to compare shoe (boot) tread to a facial injury (photo). Any suggestions? Thank you, Christine Burke, MAOM Strategic Intelligence Services PLLC Investigate the Possibilities 1900 W Chandler Boulevard, 15-263, Chandler AZ more


in Research
by Courtney B. • | | 1 comment
Recently the administrations would like us to record live video of when officers enter to serve a search warrant from a distant. As well record the entry and exit of the scene. As of now we only have a Nikon D3100 for our photograph but we used it to record video. Problem is the video and more
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