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Applying for jobs

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by cs14 • | | 2 comments
- deleted -

Becoming A CSI

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by Sade • | | 1 comment
I keep hearing that you absolutely have to become a police officer first before being a crime scene investigator. Is this true ? I was wondering if you can do other things in the police field other than an actual police officer like for example , being the person who takes inmates fingerprints more


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by Shelly • | | 1 comment
I have a crime analyst interview coming up shorting, I was told there would be an oral and an lab interview. Being that I have never worked in a crime lab I have no idea what they would be looking for in the lab. Does any one have any pointers on how I can prepare for this interview, or any more

Which degree is better?

in Education
by Bo Jo • | | 2 comments
Which degree is better? A Masters in Criminal Justice with A specialization in Forensics or a Masters in Forensics Science?

CSI Effect

in Research
by Amanda • | | 0 comments
Hello! I hope all is well! Im a graduate student doing research and I need help. I was wondering if people could help me out and take my survey. The survey must be completed by a crime scene investigator or in the forensic field. The link to the survey is below: more

Crime Scene Technician Exam

in Careers
by Lilianna • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am scheduled to take an exam for crime scene technician. I have two weeks until the exam. Did anyone of you take one? If so, can you please post any tips, pointers? Thank you!


in Research
by IAI CCSI • | | 3 comments
Hi all, I am just wondering but I have been preparing myself and studying the materials needed for the CCSI certification now the test is not for months but better to study early than late I wanna be well prepared for when I take the exam but I am just wondering to all of those who have more

Interview about investigation techniques

in Research
by Michael K. • | | 0 comments
I am writing a book about people who fake their deaths and I am interested in talking to a crime scene investigator briefly about the techniques used in the investigation of accidental death and murder scenes. Specifically, I would like to know how it is possible to determine if something like more

IAI Test prep

in Research
by Joe • | | 4 comments
Hi All... I was curious if anyone knew if there was a test prep study guide available for the IAI CCSI exam. I have the reading materials and have been taking notes but was looking for something to supplement my studies. And no, I have no intention of shelling out $300 for a test prep more

CSI's to visit a school or skype with students

in Research
by Carly B • | | 0 comments
Hi all, I'm a physics teacher in Denver, CO and curious if there are any Crime Scene Investigators who might be willing to discuss the applications of physics to investigating a crime. For example, my students are researching fictitious crimes of people jumping out of tall buildings or being more

Help with writing a script for police procedural action movie

in Research
by Ormi • | | 1 comment
Hi. I'm writing a screenplay/ script for a police procedural action movie and I'm stuck with some things First, story is about special police unit for investigating cases what may be a threat against national security (It is not about U.S. police). That unit is called National Security more

UK Student

in Careers
by M Romanas • | | 0 comments
Hello! I am currently finishing my university degree this summer here in UK. I am European Union citizen and I got a little basic experience from laboratory tutorials in comparing, detecting, recovering, preserving samples. Also writing expert statement and presenting in the court in more

I need answers

in Research
by Wendy • | | 0 comments
Can anyone please answer these questions for me? Its for an assignment. How long have you been in this field/job/position? Did you have to obtain a certain degree for this job? Did you need certain prior experiences? What were the steps you had to take in order to get this job? What more

Getting a CSI job in the USA

in Careers
by CSI UK • | | 2 comments
Hi, I work in the Police in the UK and have recognised qualifications in Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Management and Crime Scene Coordination. I am also qualified in Fire Investigation, Disater Victim Identification, as well as having first and second line management experience in more

Job Hunt

in Careers
by cs14 • | | 1 comment
- deleted -

How to became crime scene investigator?

in Careers
by north • | | 3 comments
Hello! I have been working as a police officer since 2001, when i finished the Hungarian Police Academy. I worked as a crime scene investigator for 7 years. I was the leader in the crime scene of murder, robbery, rape, theft, and i worked in some murder and robbery case as an investigator. I more

question about required education

in Education
by jason • | | 2 comments
I have a general question for the experts about the education required to go into medico legal death investigation, death investigation, and medical investigation...ect... I went to a four year university for forensic science, I now have my BS in cjus forensic investigation. I have taken a more

Follow up after CSI interview

in Careers
by Tina • | | 4 comments
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I went to a interview for csi and they didn't give me a time frame on when they would be getting back to me. I know they have to do the background check and that takes a few weeks. Everything I have read says it might take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. more


in Careers
by Yana • | | 1 comment
Hello! I am a criminologist . Specialization - fingerprinting . I was educated at the police academy in Ukraine. I am not a US citizen . Can I get the position and work permit expert on fingerprints and crime scene investigation ?

Object Detection Tool

in Research
by Edwin Gramajo • | | 0 comments
Do CSI use object detection tool to match a victim?

no experience for forensic investigator

in Careers
by Melissa • | | 8 comments
I have a degree in psychology and in criminal justice/forensic investigations. When I apply for jobs I am told that I have no experience or didn't go to an accredited college. How is a person supposed to get experience if they don't want to hire a person out of college and as for an accredited more

Working overseas

in Careers
by Rachel • | | 2 comments
Hi! I have completed my bachelor of forensic science sub-majoring in forensic chemistry at university of western Sydney in 2013 and have found it difficult to obtain a job in forensics. Would anyone know any agencies that are open to international applications or specific employment more

Crime scene investigator/technician

in Careers
by Vinny • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am currently thinking about a few different careers, but my main interest has always been in the field of criminal justice. I was curious at some of the requirements one may need to become a crime scene investigator. I will have obtained my associate's degree in a couple of months and more

can a non resident with work permit be an investigator

in Careers
by gustavo • | | 2 comments
Hello. Im ready to go to school to become a crime scene investigator but i am not a citizen or resident. I have a work permit authorized by the U.S. Can i have a job like that? Or does it require permanent status in the U.S?

Forensic Scientist - DNA

in Education
by DNANERD • | | 2 comments
Hi, I am in undergrad right now and am planning on getting my Bachelor's of Science in Genetics and another in Biochemistry. There are not many forensic classes that I can take, and I was wondering if there is anything else I should do before I graduate. Is there anyway I could get an more
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