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by Fifi Smairat • | | 2 comments
- deleted -
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This is my first post in the community I really like this place and have been looking for a long time Looking forward to discussing with everyone Thank you all and wish you good luck
by Leslie • | | 0 comments
I work for (a research supply company) and have access to PPE supplies if anyone needs them? Feel free to reach out to me for more info
by Joshua Brenn • | | 2 comments
Can a Crime Scene Investigator have any felonies?
by Rylie Miller • | | 1 comment
Hello, My name is Rylie Miller. I am curretly a junior at Cactus Highschool, and I am in a BioTechnology and Apps class. I was wondering if you could take a few minutes and answer the following questions for an honors research project on Forensic sciences. Thank you so much if you get back to more
by JesseJProto • | | 2 comments
Hello, I am currently a senior about to graduate with a bachelors degree in criminal justice, with a concentration in investigative services. I am looking for any advice or tips on gaining employment in the field of crime scene investigation. I was accepted into a masters program in forensic more
by Maria • | | 1 comment
G'day from Downunder! I am currently undertaking my Master's in Forensic Science in Australia and was wondering what my prospects of finding work in the US as a non-citizen were? I am interested in all areas of forensic investigation/science :)
by Nikki Stern • | | 0 comments
Hi: I'm a mystery writer who tends to write procedurals. Google and even scholarly articles on forensic and crime scene investigation only get me so far. I'd love to talk with a professional about some sticking points in my new book (5th book, second in a new series). That person will, if he or more
by Jacob Smith • | | 3 comments
Hi my teacher showed me this website. If you respond to me I get an A in the class. Please respond to me. Please. Thank you and God bless.

Passion Project 2020

in Forensic Techniques
by Jiyah • | | 0 comments
Hi my name is Jiyah I am a 6th grader hoping to interview a Forensic Engineer, in specifics one who works with Anthropology. Currently the 6th graders in my class are working on a passion project which is a 3 month study on your career. I obviously am interested is becoming a forensic more
by Davis Ridgeway • | | 1 comment
I'm wondering if there is a possibility that blood alcohol content levels can affect the rigidity of a body. I know that blood alcohol can present a false-positive sometimes post mortem, but would it be able to affect the way the body hardens? Thank you!
by Sue • | | 6 comments
Hello, I am in the area where there are no class based colleges/ schools for CSI training so I gave been researching online colleges. Does anyone know which is preferred or better recurved by employers?
by Jane • | | 0 comments
Hello, I am a current MDI in South West, USA and was wondering if anyone knew of any offices that would sponsor employment visas as I am originally from Canada. Thanks for your help!
by Rae1997 • | | 0 comments
Hello everyone, I’ve recently applied for a forensic scientist job in Southern California and I have to take a written exam. Does anyone who has taken this test have any recollection of what was on it or any tips for taking it? I really want this job! Thanks you :)
by MACSI • | | 1 comment
I am a college student one semester away from earning my A.S. degree in Crime Scene Technology. I plan to continue towards my Bachelor's degree. I have been searching for a college, preferably in Florida that offers a degree in Forensic Science. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. The only college more
by Tanner • | | 0 comments
I'm researching forensic science and CSI for my 6th grade science project. It's hopefully my future career choice. Is there anyone who would skype with me (via my mom) in the next few weeks to answer a few basic questions?
by MACSI • | | 4 comments
Hello. I am a college student in my last semester earning my A.S. degree in Crime Scene Technology. For one of my English Composition 2 assignments is to write a career research paper. I am required to interview a professional in the field of the career that I chose. I would like to know if more


by Alb024 • | | 1 comment
how likely is to still gather DNA of suspect from a gas station door after it's been handled by officers, employees, EMS personnel?
by Jonathan Duhart • | | 0 comments
I’m a Criminal Justice major at Azusa Pacific University. I have an assignment for a career exploration of the field of work you plan to go into after you graduate and I need to interview a Crime Scene analyst or anyone in that field that can just answer 5 questions about their day to day and more
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Our firm make unique design solutions, and at the same time we pay close attention to standards your safety and functionality. We are cooperating with client on of all stages perform comprehensive analysis location rooms , carry preliminary calculations.You are interested in more
by RayRam • | | 0 comments
I'm a Public Safety Major and need someone who works in a Criminal Justice department to answer eleven questions for a paper I'm working on. A response before Wednesday is super appreciated and a huge help. 1.How long have they been in their current position? 2. What made you want to more
by Joyce Zhou • | | 1 comment
Human exfoliated cells , although mostly keratinocyte, and cell nucleus has been degraded, but in the case of more sweating, skin and objects tightly rubbed, there will still be a certain amount of epithelial cells, these cells are the main source of DNA contact and can be used for DNA more
by Alb024 • | | 1 comment
Is there a way to lift fingerprints from a dusty vehicle or surface?
by fbarrios • | | 0 comments
Hello everyone, I am currently working on a project for school. Can anyone help me with these questions? Thanks! 1.)In your experience, what makes a "good" crime story or courtroom story? 2.)How do you check or confirm information you receive while investigating a story? 3.) more
by Kenneth Wilson • | | 0 comments
Hello, can you answer the questions for a school assignment? In your experience, what makes a "good" crime story or courtroom story? How do you check or confirm information you receive while investigating a story? What happens if there is an error in a story? What kind of more
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