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by Laurie • | | 0 comments
I am a sophmore, and I am looking forward to going to college and becoming a criminal investigator. But I dont know how long it will take to get my degree in this. Can someone please help and answer this?
by Volley_Chick_01 • | | 0 comments
I have a project for school and I need some questions answered by a crime scene investigator. 1) How did you decide to become a crime scene investigator? 2) What are some of the schools you looked at? 3) What kind of subjects do you have to take? 4) How long did it take you? 5) Where did more
by c.s.i.14 • | | 3 comments
i'm doing a school project and needs someone to answer these questions! asap! 1)how did you start you career? 2) what education and training did it require? 3) what do you like about your job? 4) what do you do on a typical day at your job? & i need a name (first and last more
by christy • | | 0 comments
i am looking for a forensic scientist in texas. how do i find one. i am a defendant in a case & the crime scene was not processed to my satisfaction. i want to bring in an expert.
by sabrina • | | 0 comments
Since i am currently at the age of 15 , How can i better myself to a carrer such as this one ? .
by hac29 • | | 0 comments
I have been attending college trying to obtain my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. Although I will have completed my bachelors, the actual "In house" experience was not there within my classes. I am hoping to be trained in latent fingerprint classification/examination and blood stains more


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by jamie • | | 3 comments
I'm so tired of dead end pun intended! i wanna use my degree,but just cant find a damn thing
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