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Biohazard effects on pregnancy?

in Research
by TinaD • | | 1 comment
I am a Biohazard Technician and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. Does anyone know how blood, feces/urine (human/animal) and our chemicals that are used to clean these situations effect pregnancy? Am I able to even be in these situations and if so will a respirator help prevent any more


in Research
by Nieti Patel • | | 0 comments
What is your career like?

This baby boomer will never say die

in Careers
by sharon storms • | | 2 comments
I graduated with a bachelors degree in criminal justice with a focus on crime scene investigator a year and a half ago. I live in NY on Long Island; its very difficult for civilians to get into the police dept so I've applied to become a volunteer. Ultimately, I want to work as a CSI. I am more


in Careers
by Cassie19 • | | 1 comment
Hi, I was wondering if you guys post do internships in Virginia. I am looking into doing an internship my senior year of college. Right now I am a Junior, and I would like to look into internships related to my degree and career choice, and that is "Crime Scene Investigation". more

Degrees and Certificates

in Education
by John Parrish • | | 2 comments
So I currently have an Associate's degree in criminal justice through American Public University. I also have obtained a certificate in Forensics, through the same school. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice with only 8 courses left to take, this is also through more

Aspiring Death Investigator

in Careers
by Sarah • | | 2 comments
Hi there, I'm Sarah and I'm looking to get into the death investigation field. I have an Associate's degree in Mortuary Science and am currently enrolled in classes to earn my Associate's degree in Criminal Justice. I'm wondering, how many coroner's/medical examiner's offices require a more

What do you do?

in Careers
by Jordan • | | 2 comments
I know some of what you do but I want to know all. I have watched the show Forensic Files and that's what made me want this job so badly. Do you get to find fingerprints, take photos, look up people to find the criminal, type up papers, look at the body, and find things that could help you at more

Abnormal fingerprints

in Research
by Amber Soto • | | 3 comments
Hi there, This is completely random but I'm hoping maybe someone could help me learn something about my fingerprints! I would love to show you an image but it doesn't seem like I can attach it here! I have done some indepth research and have not found anything remotely close to what my more

Interview Due tomorrow

in Research
by Matthew • | | 0 comments
I need to interview someone in the forensic science field, more specifically a crime scene investigator or analyst. This project is due tomorrow and is a major percentage of my grade. I have been searching all week and weekend for someone to interview, if you have some time to do an interview I more

A Deaf CSI Student

in Careers
by deafcsi • | | 2 comments
Did you know that there are Deaf aviation pilots? If a deaf person can fly an airplane, then why not as a deaf person become a CSI? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Royce and I am currently a college student studying Criminal Justice. I became deaf ten years ago. It was sudden due to an more

gettin into the crime scene field

in Careers
by mstartley • | | 1 comment
Hello, my name is teresa and i am wanting to go into the field of crime scene investigation. I have an AS in criminal science and I was wondering if I could go into the field with just this and maybe start of shadowing someone till i learn the trade and then go out on my own or, do i need to more

Job Opportunities

in Careers
by Jazmin Hodges • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am graduating my master's degree in Criminal Justice in December. I was looking to find a job in investigations either in Florida, where I currently reside, or in California. If any of you all could assist in this search it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Biology degree... Now what

in Careers
by Shelby • | | 0 comments
Hi there! I will graduate with my bachelor's in biology soon, I am very interested in forensics but how can I gain experience in order to get a job in this field? Any advice or tips would be great! Getting a master's degree is not an option at the moment. Thanks!

BadDrive Adapter ??

in Forensic Techniques
by Pavlo • | | 0 comments
Hello Community! I’m searching for a tool to read the hard drive with BADs. I found a device as the BadDrive Adapter by EPOS company. According to the company Web site, it works with damaged disks in the same way as working with more

Interview for School Project

in Research
by Bailey Alexander • | | 0 comments
I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I'm looking for a CSI to interview for a school project. I'm exploring the career I want to have once I get out of school and a project I'm doing requires an interview of about 20 questions with someone in that field. I would greatly more

Capstone Project

in Research
by Shayla Elmore • | | 0 comments
Hello! My name is Shayla Elmore and I am in search of a crime scene investigator or anyone in that field. I have a Capstone project that I have to do in order for me to graduate my high school. I have 10 interview questions that need to be answered very very soon! My email is more

Being Deaf and wanting to become a CSI

in Careers
by deafcsi • | | 0 comments
Greetings. I am interested in pursuing a career/education in the field of Crime Scene Investigator preferably in Toxicology or Latent Finger Print however, I am deaf. I was not born deaf therefore, I am able to speak fluently as English is my first language. Are there any deaf CSI students more

Gift for a forensic scientist

in Miscellaneous
by GRN3500gt • | | 1 comment
Good day, My Girlfriend is going to graduate in a month with a Bachelors in Forensic Science and I wanted to get her something nice as a congratulations gift that is relevant to her field and perhaps even useful. what would be something you would recommend? I have found mugs and shirts more

Latent Print Development on Thermal Paper

in Forensic Techniques
by kirstenk_hall • | | 2 comments
Does anyone have any suggestions on developing latents on thermal paper without destroying the paper? We have Oil Red O, but are out of the buffer chemical and I hesitate to use the solution without the buffer since it could make the paper brittle. I'm at a fairly small department so our more

Final Project

in Careers
by James Webb • | | 0 comments
My name is James and I am having to do a project if interviewing a criminal investigator or someone in that field. It is due by May 08 and will need that person to answer some questions pertaining to that field. (Email: The questions that i am required to ask more

Job opportunities

in Careers
by Bharat Singh • | | 0 comments
Hello sir, My name is Bharat singh, I am a post graduate (Master's) in Forensic Science with specialization in biology, i want to work with Forensic science Laboratories of Canada..Can you guide me how can i do that? I am from India (Email id:

college Final Project

in Research
by Freya rojas • | | 0 comments
hello, my name is Freya Rojas and I am a criminology and criminal justice student at ASU and I want to ask a favor, I want to interview a crime scene investigator for my criminal justice class for a final project which states that I need to find an agency in this field and interview a employee more

Masters degrees

in Education
by Chris • | | 1 comment
Hi I'm just looking for some advice on which Masters is most likely to lead to a job. I have a degree in Biotech, a diploma in crime scene investigation methods and have been a police officer for 7 years. I am hoping to do a Masters either in Ballistics, explosives or just a general one that more


in Research
by Anthony • | | 1 comment
Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anybody in the world of forensics (or anyone else) has done research on how the different fabric types of clothing affects the quality of bloody footwear marks/impressions on clothing? And also if it's something worth doing research on? Many thanks, more

Crime scene photos Marilyn Monroe

in Research
by J.Baker • | | 1 comment
I am interested in anyone trained in criminal investigation to look at a few pictures of what seems like Marilyn's death scene that have surfaced. I believe they might be real. There is bruising of some sort all over her face and her hair is wet. Was she beaten or is can you tell maybe she more
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