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ABI series sequencing machine

in Research
by William He • | | 0 comments
I want to buy some second-hand ABI sequencing machine, such as 3100, 3130 or 3500. Anybody knows where can I buy them? If do, please give me a response or mail me Thanks~

Degree choice

in Careers
by Lrblouky • | | 1 comment
Like many others, my interest in the CSI field has developed into a passion more so over the last 10 years. However, my current career is far from my ultimate employment objective (which would be in the field, working along side with my local law enforcement investing crime scenes). I have 2 more


in Miscellaneous
by Kelli Sturges • | | 0 comments
Hi all, I work for a Emmy Award winning NYC production company with a long established history in the true crime space and multiple true crime tv shows currently on air. If you or someone you know is any of the following and would like to possibly be on tv…. then we would like to hear more

Tattoos, etc

in Research
by Cici • | | 1 comment
I am doing a project and one of the questions is, "are there policies about having tattoos, smoking, piercings, etc?" Can someone tell me if its just the certain agencies or are there policies throughout agencies.

Looking for my first job in the field

in Careers
by John • | | 1 comment
My name is John I am 24 years old I have my Associate's in criminal justice, certificate in forensics, and just 8 courses away from my Bachelor's in criminal justice. My question to everyone and anyone is what should I do next. I feel like I am wasting time because every job I find on here is more

entry level/ experience

in Careers
by Dominique • | | 1 comment
Hello all! I have a BS in Biochem and decided to pursue my Masters in Forensic Science. I have been applying for entry level forensic jobs and research positions. It is a struggle. How do I land those opportunities? I am struggling a bit. I also graduate this fall and will be looking to more


in Research
by Audi • | | 1 comment
I was wondering what the 5 types of hazards their are in crime scene, and how do you protect yourself from them

education needed

in Education
by leetavia • | | 1 comment
what type of degree do you need? what majors do you need? Can you have only a minor for this career?

Superglue Chamber

in Equipment and Supplies
by jay • | | 4 comments
Hi, we recently acquired a new Sirchie superglue chamber, and I would like it to stay as clean as possible for as long as possible. Our old fish tank-style chamber was essentially opaque from CA deposits, so I am curious who uses what to prevent such buildup. My old agency used Rain-X--at more

Python for Digital Forensic Examiners

in Education
by Brian Sweeney • | | 1 comment
My company, Cipher Tech Solutions, Inc., is a leading software development company specializing in digital forensics and malware reverse engineering. We've recently decided to throw our hat into the education ring with the launch of a Python course geared toward digital forensic examiners who more

Crime Scene Technician and Crime Scene Investigator

in Careers
by Deandra Ervin • | | 3 comments
I am seeking advice on what path I should take now that I have my degree in Criminal Justice. Pursuing a career in Forensics is what I am passionate about the most. Please advise as I am seriously in need of help.

Entry Level Position

in Careers
by AHarrison • | | 1 comment
I am looking to transition to CSI as a second career (not including previous Military enlistment as career #1) and prior to enrolling in a college program I wanted to apply for a part time entry level position in the industry. Are there positions I would qualify for? I currently hold a more

Advice for a soon to be Investigator

in Careers
by bjwelch17 • | | 1 comment
Hello all! Really excited to be a part of this forum. So, I graduate from UWyo in December with my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. When I started my college career, I had a forensic science focus, but second semester of my freshman year, I took both chemistry and biology, along with 5 more

physical condition

in Careers
by yesenia torres • | | 1 comment
Do u have to have a good health in order to apply for the program???because I have a seizure disorder and I want to become something I always wanted..but I don't want to start aometsomething and not finish

Collecting Guns from water, preserving gun in watertight case with water in it.

in Forensic Techniques
by jtyler1973 • | | 4 comments
Hello! Our State Police have requested that when we collect a gun from, for example, our river, that we keep the gun in the water, while placing it into a container that can hold the gun and water. I have never heard of doing this, but I need some suggestions from someone familiar with this more

Securing the scene before investigators leaving

in Research
by Christy • | | 0 comments
Before leaving a scene is it the investigators responsibility to make sure the house or room is locked and secure? If at a hotel and the room is not secured whose responsible if items are stolen from there?

Non-citizen wants to become a crime scene investgator/ forensic scientist

in Careers
by Coen • | | 1 comment
I wonder if there are any local/ regional governments or private firms that would sponsor non-citizens for the working visa/ hire them for the post.

Deaf CSI Student

in Careers
by deafcsi • | | 2 comments
Hey WORLD! Look out! Possibly the 1st Deaf Crime Scene Investigator to enter this field. But first I'm a Criminal Justice student. Lol. When I get my Degree, I really hope that I'm given an opportunity to perform and show off my ability to collect and process evidence as an intern and become a more

Biohazard effects on pregnancy?

in Research
by TinaD • | | 1 comment
I am a Biohazard Technician and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. Does anyone know how blood, feces/urine (human/animal) and our chemicals that are used to clean these situations effect pregnancy? Am I able to even be in these situations and if so will a respirator help prevent any more


in Research
by Nieti Patel • | | 0 comments
What is your career like?

This baby boomer will never say die

in Careers
by sharon storms • | | 2 comments
I graduated with a bachelors degree in criminal justice with a focus on crime scene investigator a year and a half ago. I live in NY on Long Island; its very difficult for civilians to get into the police dept so I've applied to become a volunteer. Ultimately, I want to work as a CSI. I am more


in Careers
by Cassie19 • | | 1 comment
Hi, I was wondering if you guys post do internships in Virginia. I am looking into doing an internship my senior year of college. Right now I am a Junior, and I would like to look into internships related to my degree and career choice, and that is "Crime Scene Investigation". more

Degrees and Certificates

in Education
by John Parrish • | | 2 comments
So I currently have an Associate's degree in criminal justice through American Public University. I also have obtained a certificate in Forensics, through the same school. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice with only 8 courses left to take, this is also through more

Aspiring Death Investigator

in Careers
by Sarah • | | 2 comments
Hi there, I'm Sarah and I'm looking to get into the death investigation field. I have an Associate's degree in Mortuary Science and am currently enrolled in classes to earn my Associate's degree in Criminal Justice. I'm wondering, how many coroner's/medical examiner's offices require a more

What do you do?

in Careers
by Jordan • | | 2 comments
I know some of what you do but I want to know all. I have watched the show Forensic Files and that's what made me want this job so badly. Do you get to find fingerprints, take photos, look up people to find the criminal, type up papers, look at the body, and find things that could help you at more
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