Crime Scene, Trauma & Accident Technicians

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Crime Scene, Trauma & Accident Technicians

Have you ever wondered who cleans the mess created after an Accident or Crime???
Well you need trained professionals to do that Job..

If at all you encounter such situation then where do you go?

No worries,
Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd, are Trauma Clean, Accident & Crime Scene Cleaning Technicians, Based in Goulburn, (centrally located between Sydney and Canberra), also servicing NSW.

Bio Cleanse provides a superior service, specializing in the disinfecting of properties after tragic circumstances; accidents, suicides, homicides, unattended deaths, natural deaths, crime scenes and hoarding and fire forensic cleaning services.

Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd offers 24 hour Emergency Services
Assault Scenes
Homicide clean ups
Suicide clean up
Unattended Death Scene clean up
Cell Cleaning
Crime Scene Cleaning
Deceased Estates
Industrial Accidents
Squalor Clean up
Trashed Houses
Odor Removal and Neutralization
Hoarder Clean up
ABRA Certified Technicians
Methamphetamine Laboratory Remediation

To know more, Visit us at: