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I have always been interested in the Criminal Justice field and the forensic path has been pulling at my curiosity the last couple of months. My wife found this certificate online for a Criminal Psychology course from International Open Academy. They have additional courses through their website that also deal with forensics, but I wanted to ask if anyone could speak to the validity of the certificates or the weight of their worth. If I take some of these courses, would people recognize them as a legitimate certificate and it would help me get a job. I know online, they say they are CPE/CE certified, but it would be like a man getting ordained online to officiate a wedding. He has a certificate, but outside of that one wedding, no one is going to ask him to officiate more weddings.

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There's two things I would take into consideration if I were you. First, I would research the demand in your area. Check Indeed and all major job boards just to see how many openings there are available.

If you have 30 people in your class...and your instructor teaches 4 other classes...and that's just at your school...I had my nephew do this when he was trying to become a fire fighter in CA. There were only like 5 openings in the entire state, and none of them were anywhere near where he lives (and he wasn't willing to move elsewhere). But when he researched computer programmers...which is the other major he considered getting into...there were thousands of job openings in the state.

The 2nd thing I would consider is the reality of a crime scene. Most individuals cannot stomach the harsh reality of being in the middle of a real crime scene. You may want to reach out to a local crime scene cleanup company and see if they would allow you to "ride along" to their cleanup assignments. I am not sure many will willingly approve of your presence on a project...but the worst they can say is "no".

Ultimate, I would start with these two steps before doing all the work only to find out that it's not what you had expected. Best of luck to you!
Be safe out there. From your friends at BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning in Dallas & Fort Worth.