Development of Fingerprints on Human Skin

Posted by Sonia Sonia
After reading the publication "Recovery of Latent Prints from Human Skin" in the Journal of Forensic Identification by William and Karen Sampson, we decided to conduct our own research in this regard.  Our research team however battled to get authorization to conduct research on the skin of deceased persons, and this part of the research is still incomplete.

I now urgently require assistance with the compilation of standard operating procedures regarding the development of latent prints on human skin.  

I also require assistance (in general) with regard to the formats used to compile standard operating procedures internationally.  What formats do you use, do you have any examples, what level of detail is included etc.  I have difficulty in distinguishing between policy detail, training manual detail, and SOP level detail.

Superintendent Sonia Pretorius
National Coordinator:  Fingerprint Laboratories
South African Police Services