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Hi, we recently acquired a new Sirchie superglue chamber, and I would like it to stay as clean as possible for as long as possible. Our old fish tank-style chamber was essentially opaque from CA deposits, so I am curious who uses what to prevent such buildup. My old agency used Rain-X--at leas... 1 4
by Jay
Hi all, I am a member of the Malta Police Forensic Science Laboratory and we are searching for acquiring an evidence vacuum sweeper for use on crime scenes. On browsing on the net I have found some sweepers that could be useful for our needs, but cannot decide which to choose? Is there any wh... 0 0
by Joseph Caruana
Detecting fingerprints, debris, fibres, hairs, shoe marks, tire prints and other micro traces evidence on the floor/wall lever and flat surface----- OR-GZJ30B . Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries 100 minutes working time External Dimension: 142*247*50 mm 30W with brightness adjustable wh... 0 0
by Joyce
What is your your list when your at a crime scene 2 2
by Joyce
My department is looking into new cameras for the Crime Scene guys, so I'm trying to get information. What cameras are you Crime Scene Techs using these days? What lens sizes do you have? Any special equipment that goes with them? Also, where do you buy your camera equipment? We previously u... 2 2
by Erika
Could you tell me which forensic kits you use frequently? no doubt ,someone must say magnifier and UV light Any equipment can work with two functions of magnifier and UV light ? You sure know there is already lots of UV magnifier in the market. But ! Do you know there is a magnifier ... 0 0
by Lily
I am a flashlight seller, now, some private detectives ask me to purchase some flashlights for investigating criminal scene, for example, mark the blood in the scene. So, do you guys know what kind of flashlights can be used for that? 4 4
by Joyce
Hello Everyone!! I need some feedback from my fellow CSI folks in reference to metal detectors. How many of you are still using them, and, if so, can anyone recommend a good, reliable type of metal detector. Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks!! 2 2
by EFB
My new App has just been released! The Blood Spatter Angle Calculator. If you have received any training in reading blood spatter, you will know that there is a formula that can determine the angle at which a drop of blood has impacted a surface. The BSAC simply does all of the math for you... 0 0
by Scott Voit
Cellebrite's UFED channel invites you to get immediate access to a range of easy to follow video tutorials. Subscribe now and always get the latest videos directly to your inbox! See: Cellebrite's forensic division develops advanced mobile forensi... 0 0
by Cellebrite UFED
Has anyone tried this new nucast180 casting powder that keeps being brought to my attention? its meant to be really fast and easy to use but i wonder if the detail it offers is any good? 0 0
by D.Meeban
I am looking for a decent Magnetic print hit around $100-$200. can anyone direct me to a website with good kits? thanks 2 2
by jersey
My department is looking for a small refrigerator that our officers can store evidence temporarily. We have a pass-through evidence locker system but currently we have a small refrigerator with a lock that the officers can use to store evidence that needs to be refrigerated when we are not work... 1 1
by Steve Staggs
For those of you already in the field, what camera do you use? I use a Nikon D200, GREAT camera! I play with the camera on the weekends to improve the quality of my photos due to the camera being SO blasted complicated LOL! 6 12
by mppd464
I would like to speak to someone about the deficiency of one of the frequently used products of CSIs. The Tamper-evident security bags and envelopes used around the world can be opened and resealed in less than 3 minutes. Who do I speak to regarding the development of a new more advanced product... 2 2
by mppd464
I am currently shooting a Canon T1i Digital SLR. Has anyone found a good wireless off camera flash unit for oblique lighting situations? 1 1
by drum
When it comes to forensic photography, cameras from the most popular manufacturers are not the only choices worthy of consideration. I have written a review of the Olympus E520 that you can access here . 1 1
by SFChuck
Do SOCO's/CSI's use disposable body tents or reusable tents? I heard they use reusable but surely that could lead to a DNA contaminated scene? 1 1
by Steve Staggs
I was wondering if anyone had a good resource book for crime scene photography? 2 5
by Charlize
Forensic photographers often need to take pictures in positions unheard of by landscape or portrait photographers. These may include on the floor, low on a wall, in a nearly inaccessible corner, etc. I have written an article describing the construction of a special purpose tripod for use in ... 1 1
by Charlize
This article describes a low-cost light diffuser that is useful for photographing shiny or reflective objects without specular highlights. Light diffuser for forensic photography 0 0
by SFChuck
This product may be of interest to people taking evidence photos etc. It is a flash bracket with a specialize shadow control attachment. It removes shadows on the subject. Go to this website San Diego PD is in trials with this product for the next 30 days.They already ha... 0 0
by Jeff Bloom
I am interested in opinions of CSI Techs for the setup and organization of our new CSI equipment van and trailer. Our equipment will now have one home and will transported/deployed by an assigned team. We have a great deal of latitude at this point, and I want to avoid stumbles made by other ... 0 0
by JT
I have heard that there are different kinds of gloves used for crime scene processing; the common latex and cotton. Is it true that the most commonly used latex gloves can cause damage to prints and or transfer finger prints from one place to another, where cotton gloves cause no damage and ca... 2 2
by carlaCSI
Hey guys! I am looking at getting some software to enhance photos of fingerprints. I have used Photoshop in the past, but I see the latest version is $699.00. Does anyone know if the Photoshop Elements allows you do things necessary for fingerprint photo enhancement? Such as Resize images 1:1, c... 1 4
by NFA_23