Fingerprint classification requirements - Where to receive training?

Posted by hac29 hac29
I have been attending college trying to obtain my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. Although I will have completed my bachelors, the actual "In house" experience was not there within my classes. I am hoping to be trained in latent fingerprint classification/examination and blood stains as well, but I am a little lost as to where i can receive training for those subjects. My school does not provide these specified areas of study, and if they do, they barely scrape the surface of collecting, preserving, etc. I would really like to know how others received their training; was it an internship of some sort? A certification course offered by a college or agency, or was it only becoming an officer of agency and being transferred to that department?

Please advise as I will be graduating in 2010, and would really like to get on this; so I can receive the training I need and/or certification required. I know the IAI exists, but I am still confused on that as well, is this for members only i.e. agencies, or can individuals attend conferences and training?