Forensic Exfoliated Cells Developing System OR-GDNA1000

Posted by Joyce Zhou Joyce Zhou
Human exfoliated cells , although mostly keratinocyte, and cell nucleus has been degraded, but in the case of more sweating, skin and objects tightly rubbed, there will still be a certain amount of epithelial cells, these cells are the main source of DNA contact and can be used for DNA extraction.

The system uses UV - VIS - IR Spectrum to identify the evidence extracted from crime scene for DNA testing. Especially for the trace DNA exfoliated cells which are invisible to naked eyes and latent in complex and diverse objects, working under different spectrum, characterized by different kinds of absorption and reflective. With specific spectrum, human body’s exfoliated cell material and dust material have different absorption, reflective or fluorescence effects, generating contrasts, and showing fluorescent exfoliated cells, aim to latent human exfoliated cells, the system directly zooms in, takes photos, and extracts for DNA testing.