Forensic Experts for New TV Show!

Posted by Art Harris Art Harris
I'm Art Harris (www,, 2x emmy winning journalist and TV producer working on Nancy Grace's new CBS show called Swift Justice, a 5-day a week futuristic judge show that uses forensic experts like never before. We're also eager to explore any new, cutting edge, 21st Century crime lab technology we can apply to civil disputes, lor we should consider using on the show.

We also need a variety of forensic experts who are experienced, and TV friendly forensic  to analyze evidence in civil cases and field questions from Nancy in her new role as a daytime judge without robe or gavel.

Must be within driving distance of Atlanta, where the show tapes  2-3 days every two weeks. Call time is 730 a.m.--noon; experts receive $300 honorarium per show. We tape 6-7 cases a day, so you might be asked to do more than one if selected.

We are using crime scene specialists, forensic doc examiners, latent fingerprint specialists, and others to read the case in advance, examine evidence and field questions from Nancy to help her reach decisions in binding arbitrations of small claims cases. Experts should be passionate about their field, and talk the talk well enough to make complex subjects easy to understand.

Think Judge Judy Meets CSI, with experts strutting their stuff for a daytime audience of several million. If interested, pls e mail two jpeg (under 1 mb each) photos, a face shot and a candid shot, short bio with your credentials, references, contact info and tell us why you’d like to be a Swift Justice expert.

Right now, casting veteran female fingerprint examiners, and a top document examiner. All encouraged to apply. If you’d like to be among our on call experts, send e mail to Art Harris, Swift Justice Investigative Consultant at:

Of if you know of anyone who has filed a compelling small claims suit (uner $5,000) against a friend, relative, neighbor or is about to, they may qualify to bring their case to the show. If a defendant, it won't cost them a dime if they lose; show guarantees any judgement Nancy orders; for the plaintiff, unlike many small claims victories where they may win, but can't collect, Swift Justice will carry out Nancy's verdict--and get them paid.

See you on the set! Art