Forensic Science, Criminology, or Criminal Justice?

I am a college student one semester away from earning my A.S. degree in Crime Scene Technology. I plan to continue towards my Bachelor's degree. I have been searching for a college, preferably in Florida that offers a degree in Forensic Science. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. The only college in Jacksonville that offers a anything similar is Edward Waters College. They offer a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice with a focus in Forensic Science. Florida State University offers an online B.S. degree in Crime Scene Investigation (distance learning/ labs in Panama City). There are several colleges nearby that offer online degrees in Criminology and in Criminal Justice. I am unsure what degree would be best to major in. My goal is to start out as a Crime Scene Investigator, and hoping to eventually work as a Crime Analyst for the FDLE or join the police academy and eventually become a homicide detective. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.