Getting into the Forensic Field

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Getting into the Forensic Field

I am looking at getting into the investigative side of forensics and know that the stepping stone would be at the crime scene tech position.  It is something that I know I would be good at and have been told would be the best area for me from what others have told me.  That said; I am 26 years old and don't have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.  Rather; I have a Bachelor's Degree In Information Security & Intelligence (Majoring in Computer Forensics and Information Technology Security).  Really I only did the computer side of forensics because I am good at and people told me I should do this.   I would rather like to do the scene investigation then just digital.  Is there any way to get into the crime scene investigation with my current degree or do I have to go to school again?  Also I am not a police officer and would rather be civilian when entering the field, is that a possibility?  Just some info on myself I have:

3 years of Government work with an Intelligence Agency (Full System Security - TS Clearance)
AS Degree in Network Security & Computer Forensics
BS Degree (as of Spring 2012) in Advanced Computer Forensics & IT Security & System Intelligence

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.  Also if this isn't possible; any advice on how best to use my degree in digital forensics (where to look employment wise) would be appreciated as well.  Thank you for any help.//Steve
Best Regards,

Steven Apsey
Ferris State University
(989) 370-0657