HELP HELP HELP with Lantent Fingerprints!

Posted by Katrina Hongs Katrina Hongs
My son is doing a Science Fair Project on Fingerprints and he can't find anyone to answer his questions! Could someone please help?
1. What is the main material for powder used to pull up fingerprints?
2. What are the different methods for picking up fingerprints?
3. What is the easist way to pull up fingerprints?
4. What is the hardest way to pull up fingerprints?
5. What surface leaves the best fingerprint?
6. What surface leaves the worst fingerprints, or hardest to pull up?
7. Personal opinion, what method of pulling up fingerprints do you find to be the best?
8. Do different materials require different methods of pulling up fingerprints?
9. How much and what type of education is needed to become a Crime Scene Investigator?
10. Is any preparation needed to the surface when you pull up a fingerprint?

Any answers to the questions will help my son, so much, thank you for your time.

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Re: HELP HELP HELP with Lantent Fingerprints!
Try this link to  They have a student page for info you're looking for