Help needed for an Extended project.

Posted by WrayL WrayL
I am currently a year 13 student at Priesthorpe School, Pudsey and have been selected to produce an extended project under the AQABAC scheme.
As part of my research i was hoping to be able to get some answers from someone who is actually involved in forensic science, could you spare some time to answer the following questions for me.  My research question is: How have developments in forensic technology altered Police work over the last 10 years?

1) Have there been any major developments in Forensic technolgy in the last 10 years? (Specifically one piece that has impacted police work the most?)
2) How does this technolgy work? What i involved in using it?
3) How has it altered Police work in the last 10 years?
4) What has allowed Forensic technology to develop?
5) In your opinion, is Forensic science the most important area of Police work and why?
6) Are there any instances when forensic science is inconclusive?
7) Are there any future developments in the process of being produced?