How did you know?

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For those who already have a career in Forensics or are currently working towards that, how/when did you know that you wanted a career in this field?


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Re: How did you know?

I don't have a job in this field yet, but I think it speaks to you.  I knew I wanted to help people, but I couldn't be a dr or something similar.  I didn't want to be the one aresting the person just to put them in jail.  I wanted to be the one finding the evidence to make sure they got convicted.  
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It Is a Calling

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Many people think they can sing too, look at American Idol,..
God will lead you to your perfect career.
It like any life time choice, is a calling. Many people see things on TV, and assume that they see themselves doing it, and it is such a glamorous job. Nothings further from the truth. Having to scrape off fluids in a rank setting where a child or young person is dead is not fun.
The burn out rate in this field EMS, Firefighting, emergency medicine all has a calling to it. TV is a media scam as are all of the programs that pop up trying to take your money. Getting to crime scenes eventually is not something that should fascinate you, it should make you want to cry at the injustice of it all, till then do something that will pay you better with even hours where you don't have to work for little or no appreciation,.. just because you have too, not that it was something you seen on TV and assume is what you "want" to do.
The schooling is rigorous, the time is terrible, on call sucks, and if you have a family,.. bla forgettaboutit.
You spend more time in a office typing up forms, making calls, running base tests then out at the scene. The crew has to appreciate that your an expert in the feild, and not there because you "thought" it was something it is NOT.
Shannon Marie