How do I become A crime scene Tech....

Posted by Hugh0905 Hugh0905
Hello,  My name Is hugh I just graduated from a two year program in crime scene.  I have a pplied at several places and have heard nothing back.  I have also interned at the county morgue, and the county crime lab for 120 hours.  So I have no idea what I am doing wrong.  Should I pursue a 4 year degree to get experience or should I just keep trying for an entry level position.

I also think my resume is kind of bad I have no idea how to write a proper resume or cover letter for this field of work seeing I have no work experence.  The search for a career is just so tiring and I am excited to start a career but I just need a chance.  Was wondering if any one could help me out and explain to me how you get agency's to call you back.

Thanks a lot Hugh