How to become one and what school is best..

Posted by GurlOutta-SXM GurlOutta-SXM
I would like to know how you become a CSInvesitgator.. but would rather read it from a experienced person instead of all the time searching it up... I find CSI is a awesome job.. same goes for forensic..  but exactly what subjects do i need to have as main base since I'm in sum kind of junior high to become a CSI.???. example: Physics, math's, technology, chemistry...  that's one question..

and for forensic its kind of the same but.. add biology in it right???..(when im still in some kind of junior high)

because ii have a dutch system by me (I'm from the Netherlands Antilles).. and could get to choose my subjects; it has 3 different kinds of profile.. Economy--Health and Care--Technical.. I got Technical and in that i get as subjects: chemistry and physics, math's, spanish and other that aren't so important.. but no biology.. IF I had taken health and care I would get chemistry, biologie, maths.. but no physics... so I'm kind of in a confused situation.

 and ii am still confused by the English system.. with the GED's and SAT's.... so can someone explain me about the requirements i need to get myself to start studying on becoming a CSI after going threw the SAT'S what comes next??.. and which school you think is best for studying CSI with photography; finger prints; finding evidence..and a bit of forensic on the side... [[ Just like in CSI:Miami]]

anyone who IS a CSI..
PLEASE answer back ASAP!..